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How to Plot a function f[x] wirh x running from max to min? [duplicate]

I want to plot a function f[x] so that argument x would go from larger x1 to smaller x2. However Plot[Log[x], {x, 2, 0.1}] draws the same picture as ...
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How can one find undocumented options or option values in Mathematica?

Mathematica has a lot of undocumented or poorly documented options. How does one go about working out if there is an undocumented option that might solve a particular problem? How does one work out ...
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Is using undocumented functionality a Bad Idea™?

Mathematica has a lot of very useful undocumented features. For example a hash table, a built-in list of compilable functions, additional options to CurrentValue, ...
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Manipulating the axis on a ListLinePlot

I am trying to create a plot using ListLinePlot in which the x-axis is represented in a logarithmic scale, and is reversed (so larger values are on the right side). ...
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How to reverse the direction of the y axes

I have a similar question to this one. Unfortunately, the answers there didn't help me. I would like to plot a simple function with the normal Plot function. ...
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Plotting an additional axis with ticks

When preparing non-standard graphs, it is common that one needs an "extra" axis, parallel but displaced from a traditional axis. This might happen in many cases: When you want to plot two curves ...
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flipping y axis

I know that some topics were created for this subject but any solution works for me. I would like to reverse the y axis. By this I mean that I would like to have the highest values at the bottom and ...
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reversing plot axis for Plot, LogPlot, LogLogPlot

Is there a simple way to reverse axis on a plot (all --- Plot and LogPlotand LogLogPlot). I ...
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ScalingFunctions option works for ListPlot but only if there's no Frame: how to work around this?

Mathematica has quite a nice ScalingFunctions option to BarChart, BubbleChart and the ...
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Flipping axis on a LogPlot

I want to modify the question in Flipping axis on a plot. How to flip y-axes on a LogPlot? In contrast to Plot, LogPlot does not allow for the ScalingFunctions option so that the first solution ...
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How to reverse the x axis in ContourPlot

I have the following equation p = 1.6; α = 0.001; r = 0.6; η = 0.04; ω = 1; R ω p Sin[ω τ] + R ω p α - 9/4 r p R^3 ω - η p R == 0 I want to plot ...
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Switching direction of y-axis

I'm trying to reverse the direction of the y-axis on a parametric plot, with a frame. I'm using ParametricPlot because it was an easy way to switch the x-axis with the y-axis. I have seen many ...
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Combine two mirror plots

I am trying to get something like this: It resembles the political compass. There are 4 axis, all of them always positive, and two curves are shown. One of them obeys the equation: $d(M)=M^{0.2}$ ...
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Flipping x-tick-labels on custom plot

I'm slightly new to the world of Mathematica, so I can't assess the difficulty of my request, but anyhow, this is my question: I have 2 datasets that I want to plot with two y axes, and a reversed x ...
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Invert 3D surface plot and add custom Y-axis ticks labels

I have the following data set: ...
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