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How do I tweak the input assistant to use string completion on my own functions? [duplicate]

I would like to be able to use Mathematica's string completion feature for subvalues of my own functions. I tend to go for functions that follow the pattern ...
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How to have Mathematica showing a dropdown list after entering an option and the -> in a function argument [duplicate]

When I enter Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 2 Pi}] Mathematica returns, as expected, the expected Sinus wave of one period. Plot has many, many options, when I enter: ...
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File selection dialog in autocomplete [duplicate]

How can I create the autocomplete for the function with opening file selection dialog? For example like a autocomplete of the SystemOpen UPD: the answer to the ...
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Browse and Import local files with inline autocomplete? [duplicate]

Inline auto-complete is convenient: Can it be extended to browse and import local filesystem? I'm aware of the [[Experimental]] (since V 9?) AutoComplete could be used interactively with ...
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Creating a Package with autocomplete possibilities [duplicate]

I'm writing a package (nothing complicated) where I define a lookup function for a defined association. As an Example: ...
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PacletInfo.m documentation project

Packages can be made into paclets, which provides easy distribution and versioning. The paclet metadata is in the PacletInfo.m file. The PacletInfo settings also ...
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Package found with `Needs`, but not with `ParallelNeeds`

I want to use a self-written package in a parallel computation. However while Needs["mypackage`"] works without problems, ...
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Prompt a set of possible options

Recent versions of Mathematica dynamically prompt a list of possible options. For example, when typing Plot[x, {x,0,1}, PlotStyle-> After typing the arrow, ...
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How can I automatically generate all the front-end settings for a function?

I mostly write my packages within the Mathematica FE, but when I develop I never really think all the usage messages, autocompletes, syntax info, and argx patterns that a well developed function would ...
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New Needs alias - How to make autocomplete works

Mathematica 13 has a cool new feature for Needs. Now it's possible to use alias: Here is a simple doc example: The problem is, the autocomplete do not work for ...
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Creating compiled search TRIE file for argument string completion

I'd like to generate a compiled search TRIE file (like those found in $InstallationDirectory\SystemFiles\FrontEnd\SystemResources\FunctionalFrequency\) to help ...
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How to use alphabetical autocomplete?

Mathematica maintains a file with the history of commands input by the user (under ...
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How to define OptionsPattern with autocompletion?

I wish to define a custom function having optional parameters. Usually, OptionsPattern[] meets my requirements, but I would like to build the function similar to embedding ones, which after typing &...
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Argument completions for string sequence

I want to add completion for string sequence like ...
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How to use the autocomplete for built-in function's argument for a user defined symbol?

Suppose I have myFunction as follows: ClearAll[myFunction]; myFunction[unitName_,somethingElse_]:=...definition...; I want to ...
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