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Mathematica Minecraft

Some time ago I asked myself: with all these great graphics and interactive capabilities of Mathematica, what kinds of 3D games can be implemented in it? And the answer which came to mind is ...
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Plotting implicitly-defined space curves

It is known that space curves can either be defined parametrically, $$\begin{align*}x&=f(t)\\y&=g(t)\\z&=h(t)\end{align*}$$ or as the intersection of two surfaces, $$\begin{align*}F(x,y,...
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Extract values for ViewMatrix from a Graphics3D

Under More Information in the help page of ViewMatrix the following entry can be found With the setting ViewMatrix->Automatic...
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How can I use multiple Textures in Graphics3D

I am creating a Graphics3D object for a box using 6 Polygons (1 per side). I can use one single Texture on one or more sides but I can not find a way to use different Textures for different sides of ...
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How to improve these WASD + mouse look 3D controls?

Insipred by this question and the corresponding answer I've written a code for full-screen exploration of 3D scenes using standard WASD and mouse look controls. Here it is. ...
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Noticeable slowdown in graphical performance when using manipulate

I have been making these mathematica 3D objects that involve a molecule with some sort of surface displayed above them. This is done fairly easily by: ...
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Does it make sense to ask for the color of a Graphics3D "voxel"?

Say I generate some Graphics3D object, e.g.: Graphics3D[{Red, Sphere[{0, 0, 0}, 1], Blue, Sphere[{1, 0, 0}, 1]}] Does it make sense to ask for the color of a "...
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How to produce a chasing-view in Mathematica?

I would like to chase the flying plane with a video camera, how to do that in Mathematica? ...
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Memory problem with producing complex graphics of general type

The problem I am about to ask has appeared once here: Memory Leak in Frontend - anyone know a workaround?. However, in this question I would like to put it in a bit different context. Problem recipe: ...
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View inside the room

I used Cuboid to build 4 walls and make them composed like a room, the codes and result as followings. My question is that is it possible to move the viewpoint to inside the room? The thing I want to ...
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