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How can we make publication-quality PlotMarkers without version 10?

Suppose that for certain reasons we are not yet using Mathematica version 10, or we have a version with buggy PlotMarkers. It is well known that the default markers ...
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Why doesn't PlotMarker option None return no PlotMarkers?

After reading the PlotMarkers documentation it seems to be all or nothing. For example if you wanted markers on some of you lines the code below seems possible/...
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What is wrong with triangle PlotMarkers in v.10.0.0?

Bug introduced in 10.0.0 and fixed in 10.0.1 In Mathematica 10.0.0 we have built-in graphical triangle PlotMarkers. Let us look closer on them: ...
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How to make PlotMarkers constructed from Graphics track plot style?

In this plot the Disk[] markers are not colored according to the style of the line to which they belong: ...
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Are plotting markers with inscribed letters possible?

I have large data consisting of values obtained by sweeping across three parameters (e, w, and f). I want to plot all this data on one graph using different shapes for e (e.g., circle, triangle, ...
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How to set the bar exactly in the center of plot marker?

ErrorListPlot usually does not put the error bar exactly in the center of the plot markers. For example: ...
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Export to PDF so that Adobe Illustrator does not convert PlotMarkers to fonts

I would like to export a Mathematica graph as PDF, then use Adobe Illustrator to manipulate it. So, I create the graph, and export it: ...
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Why does Rotate in PlotMarkers behave strangely?

Bug introduced in 9.0 or earlier and persisting through 12.0 While answering Change the inner color of markers I came across a behavior that may be a bug. I would like to know if there is another ...
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Plot marker edges appear gray in the legend instead of black, as they do in the plot

I'm trying to get my PlotMarkers to appear in the Legend as they do on the plot. I've set up a function named square[], that makes a square with black edges. When apply this function in 'LegendMarkers'...
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How to get rid of the background tiny crosses when using Graphics?

I am plotting very tiny arrows. For large arrows there is no problem but for small ones, one can see little crosses in the arrow positions. I do not want to see this crosses. I just want to see no ...
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Custom PlotMarkers with Graphics get cut

In attempt to accurately place points in a ListPlot, I'm using custom PlotMarkers made from ...
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Specifying plot markers (filled diamonds or squares) [duplicate]

I can plot my list data and I can use of specifying circle to show my plot-markers. I used of Mr.Wizard comments on that page. But I don't know how can I fill the circles of those plot-markers with ...
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