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At how many of these points is f(x,y) (strictly) greater than both g(x,y) and h(x,y)? and

I try too find out the solution but is not work. Please help! This what I wrote:
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Coloring Points in a DensityPlot/ListDensityPlot

I have a PDE system, whose functions are $a=a(t, x, y)$, $b=b(t,x,y)$, and $c=c(t,x,y)$, with Dirichlet null boundary conditions and initial conditions in the form of circle. The respective code ...
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Ranking Based Partitioning with Mathematica [duplicate]

I have three functions f_1, f_2, f_3 defined on ๐’Ÿ=[0,a]ร—[0,b] and I want to color in blue (resp. red, green) the region of points (x,y)โˆˆ๐’Ÿ where f_1(x,y)=Max(f_1(x,y),f_2(x,y),f_3(x,y)) (resp. f_2(x,...
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Combing ContourPlots so the Highest value is expressed

So I wished to combine quiet a few different contour plots into one plot which would demonstrate to me not only the highest value out of all the different plots but also which contour plot that value ...
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How to draw a tropical surface?

By definition, a tropical surface in $\mathbb R^3$ is the set of points $(x,y,z)$ where the maximum $f=\max(f_1,f_2,\dots,f_n)$ is attained at least twice, here $f_i$ stand for some linear functions ...
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Converting a 3D Plot to a Region Plot [duplicate]

I have a 3D Plot with 3 separate functions for z in terms of x and y. I would like to ...
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Probable Bug in HighlightMesh with 2D Convex Hulls created via ConvexHullMesh

Bug introduced in 10.0 and fixed in 10.2 One nice way to view the new and exciting Mesh objects introduced in Version 10 is by utilizing the function ...
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RegionFunction generalized to plot a different colour/style for the largest expression [duplicate]

I have several functions of two variables defined in some region, say functions[x_,y_]:={0,x-y,Sin[x^2-y]} I'd like a plot to show at a glance the regions where ...
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How to do a region plot with many functions [duplicate]

Hello i am trying to compare many function, i want to see witch one as the lowest value depending on 2 variables. My solution so far is something like this: I have 7 function: P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7, ...
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How to make a region plot indicating the largest among a set of functions [duplicate]

I want to make a RegionPlot (or possibly a ContourPlot) in $x$-$y$ space that indicates which among a set of functions is the ...
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Conversion of 3D plot to 2D Contour Plot

Is it possible for Mathematica to convert a 3D plot into a 2D contour plot without having to recompute the values for each point? I realize that looking directly down at the 3D plot will be similar to ...