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How to obtain the ViewPoint [duplicate]

Normally, I used ViewPoint in the code in Plot3D. Most of the time, I will use mouse to rotate the 3D object to get a better view point. The problem is, when I find the best view point for me, is ...
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Changing the orientation of 3D plots [duplicate]

I have a small question. Suppose I make a 3D plot using the command: Plot3D[{Exp[x] + Sin[x]}, {x, 0, 1}, {y, 0, 1}] This generates the following graph: Now, ...
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Viewpoint options for a 3D plot [duplicate]

Let's say I created a 3D plot in Mathematica. It's not oriented the way I want it, so I manually rotate it (in the output cell) to a desired view. (I tried playing with some view options in the code, ...
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Extract values for ViewMatrix from a Graphics3D

Under More Information in the help page of ViewMatrix the following entry can be found With the setting ViewMatrix->Automatic...
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How to export 3D plot, without losing the specified view of rotation?

Sorry I am not sure if I got anything wrong with this version of Mathematica and Mac OS X i am running. But every time I export a 3D graph, to png or tiff, I lost the view angle, view vector viewpoint ...
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Manually assigning Axes label position in Plot3D

How can I adjust the position of axes labels with respect to the axes they are bound? Like shifting slightly right or left. I do not what to destroy the graphics' dynamics and render it 2D. ...
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Reversing one axis in Plot3D

When I rotate my 3D plot to the desired viewpoint my X axis runs from 1 at the left to 0 at the right. How can I mirror my plot so that 0 will be at the left and 1 at the right? Extra credit: how ...
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Synchronizing the camera view of multiple Image3D panels within a Manipulate interface

I'm trying to synchronize the camera view of multiple Image3D panels displayed within a Manipulate interface. A random 3D image ...
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Specifying view angle of a 3D plot [duplicate]

I would like to create a stereogram from a 3d plot; I would like to export two images of a 3d plot at a slightly different angle, so that when each picture is presented to a different eye, one gets ...
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How to rotate 3D graphics in ListAnimate ... without making a mess?

Manipulate is, of course, wonderful … but there are LOTS of examples that are simply far too computationally intensive to use live real-time animations for. In such ...
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Synchronizing manual rotations for multiple Graphics3D outputs?

Say I make a set of three Graphics3D images, here of three different cones, by evaluating: ...
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How can I make sure that 3D plots have the exact same orientation and viewpoint?

Edit - I made the example data much smaller, so it's not so much to download. I am trying to make animations of electronic orbitals, using functions like the ones listed here. In order to make an ...
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How to extract the AspectRatio of a plot? [closed]

How do I extract the AspectRatio from a plot? (For example for the PlotRange, I can use ...
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Automatically tracing and keeping ViewPoints in a list while manually rotating 3D graphics

I will need to make a video from the manual rotation of a 3D graphics. In order to do this, I will need to record the set of all view points that I made during rotation. There is method that we can ...
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Align ColorBar (axislabel) to be parallel to the y-axis for any view-angle

The following code produces the 3D plot below (which is almost what I want). ...
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