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I want to express the ticks in scientific form. I tried two ways as following ...
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I was trying to plot a function, but had a problem with the tick labels staying close to each other (top plot). DiscretePlot[RmvsB[b], {b, bmin, bmax, bstep}] ...
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How can I set an axes scale on $x$ in terms of $\pi$? [duplicate]

If I plot a function Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 3Pi}] I'll get a plot with the x between 0 and 10. I'll like to know how I can modify the x axis to have it in terms of ...
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How to set tick label precision on x axis [duplicate]

I want to plot some functions, let's say $24.30 x^{1.98} (1-x)^{2.06}$ and $9.1x^{3.1} (1-x)^{3.8}$ with the plot range for x to be from 10^-3 to 1. But, the graph generated doesn't show the ticks 10^-...
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How to force 0.00001 on plot to display as $10^{-5}$ [duplicate]

Consider specific example of plotting generated data: ...
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Frame Tick Labelling in Power Form [duplicate]

Hopefully a simple one for you. I would like to edit the frame ticks on my plot such that they are in "power" form. As it stands I try: ...
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How to display order of magnitude for ticks in ListLogPlot? [duplicate]

I have tried many ways of doing this, but cannot figure out what mathematica wants me to do to make it work. The simplest example of what I want to do is this, I want to change the vertical axis to ...
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How can I manipulate the number of decimal places in the frame ticks?

Is there any simple way to increase or decrease the decimal places in the frame ticks. I want to make the y axis ticks of the first two and the second two graphs look similar.
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ListLogLinearPlot logarithmic axis tickmarks

When using ListLogLinearPlot the abscissa labels every other decade. Is there a way to tell Mathematica to label each decade? I need to use this inside ...
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About number truncation of ticks display in ListPlot

In my problem, I need to plot a figure in a relatively small region of the $x$ axis, e.g., ...
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Formatting Ticks and FrameTicks labels with a function

Is there a convenient way to format tick labels? In this example I would like to use the default Mathematica tick intervals, but simply convert the X axis labels to strings with "s" added. As you ...
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BoxWhiskerChart with logarithmic axes

I would like to make a following chart Ideally I would also like to control the boxes position on a logarithmic x-axis. Some inspiration how to do the latter may be found in the answer to my other ...
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How to label ticks in ListLogLogPlot in scientific form in MMA 10.4?

This is a question regarding ListLogLogPlot in MMA 10.4. I have tried the solutions suggested in 5369, and they do not appear to work in MMA 10.4, so I would be grateful if this could be considered a ...
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Prevent scientific form plot ticks

How can I most cleanly force Mathematica not to print ticks in scientific notation? Do I have to manually provide the tick labels? Rendering the numbers in exact form would be sufficient. If there is ...
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ListLinePlot scientific notation in y axis

I am working with mathematica 9.0 and I want to make a plot importing data from a .dat file. My issue is that I don't know how to show y axis in scientific notation. My values run from 0 to approx ...
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