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How do I clear all user defined symbols?

Is there some way to do this other than going to Evaluation -> Quit kernel and firing a new one up?
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Using the Mathematica front-end efficiently for editing notebooks

Background: I have used Vim for 15+ years. There is a certain "one"-ness with the editor one achieves. Emacs users also experience this. Notepad users do not. My current interaction with the ...
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Best way to extract values from a list of rules?

Mathematica has a lot of list manipulation functions, and, also because I don't work with lists often, at times I'm a bit lost. I'll find a way, but I'm sure it's not the most efficient. Case in point,...
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What is the comment shortcut?

I went to a Wolfram Technologies workshop a few weeks ago and the presenter showed us a keyboard shortcut that when a block of input is selected, the shortcut puts the block of selected input in ...
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Customize keybindings without modifying files in the installation directory

I would like to know if I can modify key bindings without being able to modify the in the installation directory. So maybe putting another one in my home dir and linking to it ...
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How can I automatically replace [[ and ]] with the \[LeftDoubleBracket] and \[RightDoubleBracket] operators?

When you type ->, it is automatically turned into the \[Rule] character. Can we configure our frontends to do the same for ...
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Rebinding keys to define new keyboard shortcuts

I've checked Mathematica → Preferences, and poked around the options on the toolbar. However, I don't see a way to define new keyboard shortcuts in Mathematica. I've used VIM for 10+ years, and I've ...
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Copy last/second last (etc.) input from history into current cell

I like to use terminals (e.g. gnome-terminal) where you can use the up key to copy the last command into the current input 'field'. For example, to repeat the last ...
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Predictive interface eats my Esc key

After updating to version 9, I found the predict interface very helpful except there is a small problem always annoying me: Consider this: I have a list ...
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Adding elements in the sublists

How can I add the elements in the sublists? For example, if I have the list which is m={{1,3},{2,3},{4,1}} then, the output that I want is ...
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Shortcut to insert CounterBox

Is there a shortcut to inserting a CounterBox as you type in text mode? I haven't yet made extensive use of them but I can foresee them in my near future and the ...
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How to overwrite key shortcuts?

It is very handy to have shortcuts for frequently used glyphs, e.g. [[, ]], <|, ...
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Can this Part shortcut key be made to work with version 9?

In version 8 I was a frequent user of the "Use shortcut keys to easily type〚 and 〛" trick. In version 9, when I try to make the necessary change to ...
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How can I find out where a key binding is coming from?

Related: Automating Esc [[ Esc formatting? In previous versions of Mathematica, I could add these lines to my file, to map Ctrl+[ to [[: ...
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How to avoid restart during development? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I clear all user defined symbols? During package development things get messed up quite often. (especially when playing with notations) Is there a simple way to reset ...
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