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SetOption for plotting [duplicate]

I want to change the default of ListLinePlot to use the scientific PlotTheme with a grid ...
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Is it possible to define a new PlotTheme?

In version 10 one can define, say, $PlotTheme = "Scientific" Which changes the appearance of all plots. This is fantastic because on the one hand I can have nice ...
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What are the standard colors for plots in Mathematica 10? [duplicate]

Mathematica 10 release appears to have changed the default styling of plots: the most visible changes are thicker lines and different default colors. Thus, answers to this stackoverflow question are ...
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How do I evaluate only one step of an expression?

I am looking for a simple, robust way to evaluate an expression only one step, and return the result in a held form. The definition of a single step is ambiguous, and this itself is probably worthy ...
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How to specify custom graph styles for GraphStyle?

There is a way to specify custom themes for plots (Is it possible to define a new PlotTheme?), but themes do not apply to Graph objects, not even to ...
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How to export plot legend independently?

Let us take an adapted example from Mathematica doc's: ...
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How to get a black transparent background in Plot3D?

Is there a way to manually make a black transparent background like the one in the Marketing theme? As an example, let's say I have the following code: ...
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How to increase length of minor and major ticks of a frame?

Following is the mathematica command I am using to obtain a contour plot(attached). I see that the length of minor and major ticks are very small. What is a good command to increase the length of both ...
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Limited styles in the Monochrome plot theme

It seems like PlotTheme -> "Monochrome" produces up to 8 different dashing styles for Plot. I know one way to overcome this ...
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Use TraditionalForm (or something similar) in AxesLabel/PlotLegends

I use the following command to export plots to PDF which I then use in latex: ...
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GridLinesStyle not working with SetOptions

On all the plots of a notebook I have to put a vertical line at the same place. I thus use the GridLines option for Plot along with the option GridLinesStyle. To get it done easily I use the function ...
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Override a PlotTheme element at the Options level?

Edit: I am still using version 10.1; has anything changed by 11.0.1? Plot properties defined in a Theme override (supersede) properties defined on Options. This ...
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Add marks in multiple functions in Plot

I am looking for any options to draw 2D plot of differently marked curves for given functions, thus one can distinguish it by the provided legend. For instance: ...
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easy modification of existing theme

For the most part, the "Monochrome" theme is useful. However the default inclusion of plot markers in a ListLinePlot was imo a horrible mistake (a design bug), ...
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Better automatic style selection for many distinct series in one plot?

The default style selection of ListLinePlot makes it hard to tell things apart, is there some easy way to apply a better (automatically chosen) set of distinct ...
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