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Rasterizing a plot make axes ticks invisible [duplicate]

Bug introduced in 9.0 persisting through 13.2 or later I've evaluated this code: plot = Plot[x, {x, 0, 10}]; g = Rasterize[plot, ImageResolution -> 300]; ...
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ImageResolution affects the ticks on a plot [duplicate]

Let's consider the following example S0 = Plot[Sin[x], {x, -10, 10}, Frame -> True, ImageSize -> 550] First we export the plot in a JPEG format ...
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FrameTicks not appearing with Export to .png file [duplicate]

I'm using 10.1 on Ubuntu 14.04. I am trying to export some plots. However, when I export the plots using Export[file.png, figure, ImageResolution->360], the <...
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Thickness of logarithmic tick marks

Bug introduced in 8 or earlier and persisting through 12.0 I'm trying to plot a graph wit a logarithmic y-axis. Since I'm exporting the graph to pdf and later printing it, I want to manually set the ...
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How to replicate x-ticks generated by Plot/LogLinearPlot without a front end?

I want to replicate as closely as possible the x-axis Ticks specifications generated automatically either by Plot or by ...
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Export plots to Word 2016 using EMF: Many solutions, but one open issue

I have been desperately struggling with an issue that I assume should concern also some other Mathematica users: I am trying to Export plots from Mathematica to a ...
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Automatic Ticks on x-axis, but not first 5% of x-range

I would like to have Ticks->Automatic, but not have the Ticks in say the first 5% of the range on the x-axis. So like this but not this (ticks too dense using regular tick interval of 1)
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Control legend size when autoLegend is used with LinTicks [closed]

It looks simple, but I'm been trying to solve this issue for days, but no luck yet. So, here I used LinTicks, as customized option and another graphic option. Here ...
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Problem with custom colorbar in rasterized Grid

I would like to create a plot made of subplots containing ArrayPlots with colorbars. Since Mathematica's native colorbars are still a pain to be placed correctly, I am using an adapted custom one ...
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Export 3d plot: BoxStyle->Thick does not scale with ImageResolution

Consider this simple 3d figure: ...
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Exported plot range of PNG not displayed properly

I am tring to export the plotted graphics as PNG, but its range is not coming properly: ...
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