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Mathematica how to plot objects with labels in 3D plot [duplicate]

The following code plots 3 cuboids, each with a label at the lower left vertex. The label is meant to be part of the cuboid object. Yet, since Text[] is used to ...
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Character edge finding

The following line of code finds the edge of a character: ...
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How to fill in an irregular border of an image

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Filtering pixels of a certain color

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How to get 2D graphics into 3D without background?

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How to properly project a Graphics object consisting of line primitives

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rotating 3d text

Is it possible to create a 3D rotating text like this: animation here. Here is my try so far: ...
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How to avoid the wiggly text on Ticks and Labels when rotating 3D objects

Motivation I'm trying to do a nice animation of the rotation of a ParametricPlot3D . My problem is that the Ticks numbers and <...
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Working with text in 3D graphics

I'd like to add text to the surfaces of a cuboid. I have tried Text and Epilog, and neither of them worked. Consider the ...
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More on combining 2d and 3d plots

This is a spin off/follow up to Can 2D and 3D plots be combined so that the 2D plot is the bottom surface of the 3D plot boundary? ... Following Sjoerd's method, I did this: ...
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Add delay to the final frame of a GIF?

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Text Annotation Disappears in Wrapped 3D Graphics

In a 3D graphic, if I wrap a figure, for example, ...
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Bad rendering of rotated text in 3D graphics in notebooks

Why is my rotated text so badly rendered in 3D graphics in notebooks (the exported pdf are OK). It happens for me with v9 or v10.1.0 and OSX (10.9.5). Notice that the rendering is good in 2D ...
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Labelling regions in a CountourPlot3D

Consider a quadratic form in 3 variables: $f(A,B,C)= A^2 + C^2 - B^2 - 4 A B + 2 A C$ I have a plot like so: ...
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Weird Problem about Inset in 3-D graphics

I'm trying to answer this question where I want to add text covered by a certain opacity region in 3-D to realize the whitened effect. But to do this, I need to position Text in certain places and ...
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