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Determine page count programmatically [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Generating a table of contents By selecting File > Printing Settings > Headers and Footers from the menu, I am able to enter << Total Pages >> to print the total number ...
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How to create a dynamically self-updating table of content for a notebook? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Generating a table of contents How to create a dynamically self-updating table of content for a notebook? The TOC should contain the titles for the section, subsection, ...
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Automatically counting the number of lines of code in a set of notebooks

How can I automatically count the number of lines of code "Input" existing inside all the notebook files contained in a specified folder? I know there is the issue of considering or not the automatic ...
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How to export pdf with bookmarks?

PDF files exported from the notebook have no bookmarks, It's not convenient. Is there any way to add bookmarks for each sections in the exported pdf files? The table of content is also not supported.
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Hyperlinks not preserved when saving in PDF format in MMA V10

Bug introduced in 10.0 or earlier and fixed in 11.0.0 I usually create my course contracts in Mathematica and then save them in PDF format. The notebooks include hyperlinks and these have ...
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Why is Mathematica limiting the execution time of my calculation? [duplicate]

Is there a Front End option (or programming option) in Mathematica 9 that limits the amount of time that functions take to execute? I have a function (as part of a Mathematica Application) that shows ...
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How to generate a table of contents?

This answer is several years old and while the code still works I was wondering if there was any update from the community or Wolfram. The online references still point to AuthorTools which seems to ...
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Use of Mathematica to generate report [duplicate]

I would like to generate a report for codes written in Mathematica, but I don't see basic features such as: Table of Content generator List of Figures Abstract Bibliography and other standard ...
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Page Break Adjustment In Long Documents

Has anyone else had trouble in relocating page breaks in a long document? In a ~45 page long document I wanted to keep certain things on the same page. The system worked on the first three or four ...
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Generate tags for all types of headlines automatically

Is it possible to create for each headline a tag with the same content (i.e. for all Title, Chapter, Subchapter, Section, Subsection, Subsunsection) automatically? When using text processing tools ...
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How to reference a cell in a different notebook

I am creating a 'Table of contents' (TOC) generator not unlike the AuthorTools. My "generator" creates cells like the following in the TOC.nb: ...
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