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Making a movie with specific frame-rate out of ListPlot outputs? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to prerender animation in Wolfram Mathematica? Does Mathematica support variable frame rate for any video format, in analogue of GIF-style “DisplayDurations”? ...
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Applying Some Kind of Timing Function to AutoRunSequence [duplicate]

Ok, so I'm exporting a video to MOV format that is coming from a manipulate function (I'm demonstrating CLT to a class that doesn't have calculus as a pre-req, if anyone is curious). Anyhow, I'm ...
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How to "Copy as Unicode" from a Notebook?

I spent some time manually editing a post replacing Mathematica ASCII \[Alpha] with Unicode α. I did this by laboriously ...
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Is there a way to run Python from within Mathematica?

I know there is some support for running Mathematica from Python, but is there any way to do the reverse. For example, to import some Python classes and use them in Mathematica?
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How to Export this animation as a gif file for powerpoint presentation

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Changing the speed of exported AVI videos

I am exporting an animation created using Manipulate in the .avi format. However the video runs very fast (I am putting it in ...
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Particles bouncing in a 3D box

I made this Manipulate code which shows a pack of particles randomly moving inside a box. It has a huge performance issue. What should be the best way in doing "...
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When importing GIF animation, how to find the correct list of "DisplayDurations"?

When importing GIF animations with variable frame durations, the settings for "DisplayDurations" are not recovered correctly. As an example, I'm using the movie from this earlier question: Here I'm ...
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How to make the animation rate lower in an exported GIF

I have a ".gif" figure exported from the following codes. 6 separated figures (frames) constitute a ".gif" figure. But the default time interval between each frame is less than 1 second. I hope to ...
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Efficiently exporting many images as a video

I have many .gif images and I would like to export them as a single video file (I prefer .mov, but any video format is fine). But what if I have several tens of megabytes of .gif images? Is it ...
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Creating animated gifs with less jitter?

I'm looking to improve the quality of exported animations (for which I'm limited to animated gifs for compatibility reasons), and the default export looks a bit unnatural/jittery. I'm wondering if ...
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Exporting a Video of a Simulation of Pendulum Motion

In a series of previous questions, I asked how to solve a series of differential equations describing a series of coupled pendulums, and then how to plot this data by coloring the different pendulums. ...
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Exporting animations under duration constraints for viewing on an iPad

I would like to show some eye-movements data as animation on an iPad, in order to see the "gazes" as they occurred as a function of time. Ideally, I would like to use and see ...
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Export Table to Quicktime MOV Animation

I'm tying to export a table of images to a quicktime movie with a set duration (in this example, 12.67 seconds) ...
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Outputting a film (in .avi, .mp4, etc. formats) where frames correspond to Graphics3D outputs

I'd like to make a exportable film (in some format like .avi or .mp4, something playable on most computers) where each frame is a Graphics3D output. For example, we might generate frames in the ...
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