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Mathematica style plotting in Python? [duplicate]

This question has two related parts. I recently started using more python because it is easier to setup remote machines (and cheaper). But I really miss Mathematica's plotting capabilities and syntax. ...
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calling mathematica code in Python [duplicate]

I am wondering if there is any working example of calling mathematica 9 outputs in python? or plotting mathematica output in python?
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How do I evaluate Mathematica expressions and insert them in a LaTeX file?

I want to make use of Mathematica as the backend to solve some computations used in my LaTeX input file. As I have no knowledge to make it in Mathematica, I used Maxima as explained in the following ...
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How to connect Wolfram Engine to Jupyter on Ubuntu?

I followed the instructions at wolframscript configure-jupyter.wls add but I ...
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How to get Python bindings to work on the Raspberry Pi

There are several examples on this site on how to call Mathematica from Python. You can: install the bindings that come with Mathematica; or call a script as a subprocess from within Python; or ...
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How to run a Mathematica package (.m) from python?

I am new to Mathematica and I need to interface with a Python code that I have. Basically, I have a Mathematica package (.m) with a bunch of complicated functions. I want to use some code from python ...
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Solution for system of linear equations for unknown variables in Mathematica and Python

I have a system of linear equations (here 9) as below: $ 2 a_{\{1,2,1,2,2,1,2,1,2,2\}}+2 a_{\{1,1\}}=1, \\ \left(a_{\{1,2,1,2,2,1,2,1,2,2,2\}}+a_{\{1,2,1,2,2,1,2,2,1,2,2\}}\right)+2 a_{\{1,1,2\}}=1, \\...
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How to get information from all built-in Mathematica functions in order to create a Kotlin library like the Wolfram Client Library for Python?

I'd like to use (if this already exists) or create a library to use Mathematica together with Kotlin (or Java) (not JLink, please see below). We already have this very useful implementation for ...
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How to batch run Mathematica code from Python?

I have this notebook: ...
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How can I call the function NSolve from Mathematica in Python?

I would like to use the NSolve function from Mathematica in a Python code to solve a polynomial system of equations. So my question is, whether there is an option to call this kind of function in a ...
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