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Graph relationships between functions and variables [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Has anyone written any function to automatically build a dependency graph of an arbitrary Mathematica function? I need to make sense out of a huge notebook (17Kloc) that was ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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What is the most convenient way to read definitions of in-memory symbols when we don't have the source files? (Spelunking tools)

Note: I put Simon's implementation on GitHub. Contributions welcome! When trying to read the definition of already defined (package or built-in) symbols using ...
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Struct equivalent in Mathematica?

I really miss having something like a struct in Mathematica. I know of (and regularly use) a couple of programming techniques which feel like a ...
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Function that counts the number of arguments of other functions

I have a newbie question: is it possible to write a function that counts the arguments (total and optionals) of a given function? Possibly it should be able to work with built-in and custom functions ...
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How to write a simple interpreter / DSL with Wolfram Language?

I am specifically trying to write an interpreter for Mathematica predicates to MongoDB aggregation stages, but I wanted to phrase the question a bit more generically because I can see many times one ...
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Symbolic computations with already assigned variables

For example I have assigned some variables that could defined in terms of each other. Then I for some reason need to derive some formula using this variables. How to show the result of this ...
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Using the Wolfram language to interpret the Wolfram language?

I want to plot the relationship of all fucntions in Mathematica, maybe using Graph or force-directed-graph in D3.js ...
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FullDefinition and Module local variable

I have a question about FullDefinition and how it interacts with the local variables of Module. I've created a few functions (...
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Applying rules to rewrite expressions that contain patterns

I'm trying to write a rule that can rewrite a pattern that exists in another expression. For some reason, this is proving to be more challenging than I expected ... most likely because I'm not totally ...
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Reassign Functions for Graphic Representation [closed]

How might I construct a function of the form Rep[defs,code], graphic[code] and display[code] ...
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What's reliable way of finding declared but undefined functions/symbols in several interrelated packages?

I have many packages some of which use some of others. I have many symbols defined in them. Is there a reliable way of finding declared/exported but undefined functions/symbols in several ...
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Can I get a symbol cross-reference of a Mathematica Notebook?

Is there a way to get a cross reference listing for a notebook or set of notebooks?
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Package for static Mathematica code analysis to produce a Cayley tree?

I am looking for a package which can display a static dependency tree of code from a single Mathematica notebook or from a list of Mma notebooks. (Of course, to prevent such a tool from producing tons ...
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Matching All Functions [duplicate]

Is there any way to match all functions? There's an existing answer for matching functions of one parameter (_@_) but it doesn't work for trying to test if a symbol ...
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