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List of compilable functions

Is there somewhere a list on the functions that Compile can compile, or the cases in which a particular function can be compiled that I haven't found? I'd be glad ...
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Torn edge paper effect for images

In my answers to Plotting Error Bars on a Log Scale I used a so called "torn edge" effect from on one of the images. @SjoerdC.deVries commented: "BTW I liked the ripped-out look of your InputForm ...
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How can I make a 2D line plot with a drop shadow under the line?

You often see plots styled like this (ignore the bar chart component): i.e. with a small drop shadow under the line. (I'm assuming Excel is being used to produce these plots). How could you make ...
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How can I reproduce this mandala with Mathematica?

I found this image on the Internet and it is very beautiful. How can I reproduce it? The ideal would be to be able to control the colors of the outside as well as the center.
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Apply an image as a texture to text

I have the following equation eq = Sum[x^2, {x, 0, 10}] and an image ...
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Art on mathematica with filled circles and straight paths: how can I reproduce minimalist suns?

I would like to know: how can I construct minimalist images like this one?
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Compile nested Sums

I want to compile an expressions that contains nested Sum-expressions. A simple example that gives me problems is: ...
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Testing Turbulence Models

In the 90s, several turbulence models were proposed. Using Mathematica vv 10-12.1 we tested two models: Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model (SA) for aerodynamic applications, published in AIAA Paper 92 ...
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Multiply integrand with -1, and the precision changes?

"After multiplying the integrand of NIntegrate with -1, the Precision of the output will ...
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How to draw a shaded elipse using drawing tools?

I'm trying to draw the following picture using drawing tools, but I could get just the arrows and points. As you can imagine, I'm a begginer at mathematica, but I use LaTeX. I'd like to know if there ...
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Creating a drop shadow table

I'm working with a consumer math class on wages and earnings, and came across the table below. As a learning exercise, and to create future tables where I can easily modify the information, I ...
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How can I add drop shadows to the text of non-input/output cells?

Inspired by simon woods's wonderful shadow function, I want to add drop shadows to all the text of non-input/output cells in a notebook, something like this: By using simon woods's shadow function, I ...
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Why doesn't NDSolve notice the unknown variable inside the equation? [closed]

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Follow up: how to evaluate this double sum quickly

This question is a follow-up to my previous question. The code I use at the moment is the following: ...
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