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Want to plot a mapping from the interval [0,1] to the unit circle [duplicate]

i´d like to plot a interpretation of a map that transforms the interval [0,1] to the unit circle. And also the same with a rectangle that is transformed to a cylinder which then is transformed into ...
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Cutting bagels into linked halves

I recently came across this video: Mathematically correct breakfast, which shows how a bagel can be neatly sliced into two identical linked halves. I'd like to try this with Mathematica. Here's a ...
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Is there an equivalent to MATLAB's linspace? [duplicate]

Does Mathematica have an equivalent to Matlab's linspace? I want to make a list with "start", "stop" and "number of points". What is the neatest way of doing this?
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Geodesics on a torus

Is it possible to draw geodesics between the points in a path on a torus - toroidal surface? geodesics: generalization of the notion of a "straight line" to "curved spaces" ...
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How to wrap a cylinder?

i'm trying to wrap a cylinder in a torus, the best i've done is the following code: ...
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Unrolling a surface

The surface is determined by this parametric equation ParametricPlot3D[{Cos[θ],Sin[θ],z(2+ Cos[θ])},{θ,-Pi,Pi},{z,0,1}] How to unfold the surface in Mathematica? ...
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How do you create such an animated GIF via Mathematica?

Is it possible to create such kind of GIF via Mathematica?
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Map points on a square onto a Torus

I would like to create a 3D torus plot from a 2D graphic. This 2D original plot is a bit complex, and I haven't a clue how could transform it to a torus. The below code, from this article posted on ...
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Plotting a graph on a torus and another surfaces [duplicate]

I'm trying to figure out how to plot a graph on a surface. My goal is to represent a planar embedding of $ K_5$ in a torus. I have encountered this post, where you can find an explanation how to plot ...
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Programmatic immersion of 2D surfaces in 3D [closed]

Disclaimer: This may be an open problem, or one that is too large to be amenable to a solution on this site; I'm not sure. Question: I'm looking for a method to programmatically immerse certain ...
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