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How can I add drop shadows and specular highlights to 2D graphics?

I thought I'd share some code in the form of a self-answered question, but other answers are of course welcome. Drop shadows are a familiar visual effect, giving the impression of a graphical element ...
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Mathematica Destructuring

Context I'm writing a function that look something like: ...
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Plotting Error Bars on a Log Scale

I have a plot with ErrorListPlot ...
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How to place an image inside a notebook, with the minimum memory footprint?

When creating a notebook with images, like photos, the file tends to quickly get big, which makes it difficult to use the notebook format for training material containing a lot of images. Are there ...
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How can I make a 2D line plot with a drop shadow under the line?

You often see plots styled like this (ignore the bar chart component): i.e. with a small drop shadow under the line. (I'm assuming Excel is being used to produce these plots). How could you make ...
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Finding long strings of identical digits in transcendental numbers

Introduction Describing the three main streams of present-day mathematical philosophy (formalism, Platonism and intuitionism) in a well-known book, The Emperor's New Mind, R. Penrose says: ...
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Easy button or hot key to switch between `Working` and `SlideShow` Screen Environments to avoid trip to menu

When I edit a slide show it easy to copy whole slides in Working Screen Environment but nice to preview slides in SlideShow ...
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Managing Exclusions in Plot[ ]

When I do: ...
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What is the logiс behind handling alpha-channel by various image-processing functions?

(Cross-posted on Wolfram Community.) When working on the answer to this question I discovered that starting from Mathematica 10.0 the behavior of such functions as ...
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How to plot an inequality?

I need some help in plotting the following inequality using Mathematica: $$\frac{1+(x/100+0.1)\times y/100}{1.15+1.15\times(x/100)\times(y/100)}\geq 1$$ assuming $x,y\in \mathbb{Q}$, the set of ...
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How can I visualize features found in an image?

I am using Mathematica to explore the face detection feature of Core Image on Mac OS X Lion. To do this I have an Objective-C program which captures images from the iSight camera, runs face detection ...
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How could I get the value of y[t] at each specific interpolation point?

sol = NDSolve[{Derivative[2][y][t] + Sin[y[t]] == 0, Derivative[1][y][0] == 0, y[0] == 1}, y, {t, 0, 2}] the above-mentioned differential equations can be solved ...
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Creating a drop shadow table

I'm working with a consumer math class on wages and earnings, and came across the table below. As a learning exercise, and to create future tables where I can easily modify the information, I ...
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Working around behaviour of EdgeRenderingFunction

One can make graphs GraphPlot[{1 -> 2, 2 -> 3, 3 -> 4, 4 -> 5, 5 -> 1, 1 -> 1, 5 -> 5}] and one can generalize the input such that one ...
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Omit part of a 2D plot [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Generating a broken or snipped axis in ListPlot I am interested in removing a part of my plot, after searching around I could not find any questions concerning this problem. ...
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