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should I write the program like this: f[x_]:=x^2; g[x_]:=x+2; or should I write the program like this: ...
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How to make an empty list inside a module program? It consatly spews errors [duplicate]

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Functions as objects [duplicate]

I have a very long program I'm trying to stuff express as a single function. (I'll include it at the bottom of my post.) My long-term goal is to trim out the file handling portion of this function, ...
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Next line without ";" and set::write error => why? [duplicate]

In my code I first wrote : Print["else"] beta156v345 = 1/Sin[theta15]*1/ Sin[theta35]*(Cos[theta13]*1 - Cos[theta15] Cos[theta35]); (* j1^j5 . j3^j5 *) ...
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What are the most common pitfalls awaiting new users?

As you may already know, Mathematica is a wonderful piece of software. However, it has a few characteristics that tend to confuse new (and sometimes not-so-new) users. That can be clearly seen from ...
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Using a list of tuples in a pure function

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Why is this semicolon in red?

I have a piece of code that works well, but when I put a semicolon after a plotting statement, the semicolon appears in red. What's the error?
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Creating a multiline function with localized variables

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Why do I get the Null when I evaluate Print[x] // InputForm? [duplicate]

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Should I end all definitions from packages with semicolon?

I noticed that if I open a .m file in Mathematica and click on the Run Package button, all the ...
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