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How to change frame size, while maintaining ImageSize? [duplicate]

I'm trying to come up with a MWE: anyData = Range[10]; Column@Table[ListLinePlot[n*anyData, Frame -> True], {n, {-1, 1}}] The lateral size of the plotframe ...
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How to make plot and a graphics have vertical axes align in grid [duplicate]

How can I modify the following code so that the vertical axes in both the graphics and plot align up? I think the aspect ratio for the plot is good. It appears that changing the ImageSize of the plot ...
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control margin in plot [duplicate]

How would I control the distance between the y-axis and the left most plot border, ie. the space where description of the axis would be. I have two plots, I export them as two files, and then I place ...
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Match axes lengths of two plots? [duplicate]

Consider the two plots ...
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Do I have to code each case of this Grid full of plots separately?

I have written some custom functions to draw multi-panel graphs like this one: It's done by passing a matrix of (custom) plotting functions to a MultiPanelGraph ...
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Retrieving the ImagePadding in absolute units

Consider the following graphic: g = Graphics[Circle[], Frame -> True, FrameLabel -> {"one", "two"}] Retrieving the ...
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How can I make a grid of plots with no spacing, and have the plots line up perfectly?

I am making a bunch of two dimensional plots and I would like to have them arranged in a grid with no space in between them. That is, I want their frames touching each other. My problem is twofold. ...
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How to create a multi-graphics plot (i.e. the decomposition of phase plane portrait) with well-organized structure?

Background I am trying to create a three-graphics plot using the command GraphicsGrid[] to show the decomposition of the phase plane portrait; unfortunately, the ...
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Combining 3 graphics of different coordinate systems

I have 3 graphics in different coordinate systems and I want to join them in as in the following figure. This is just a sample figure, not the real one. My functions are as follows. ...
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Aligning a DensityPlot with a Plot

I am trying to show a gradient field behind a plot, and then its density in a separate plot below. I understand (as in this question) that this must normally be done using the ImagePadding directive. ...
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Align Array Plots

I have two ArrayPlots that I would like to align but my "tweaking" failed yet. I would like each "row" to be aligned. ...
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Remove the extra white-space padding introduced by implicit use of Inset in GraphicsColumn

Simple Context This is a question about understanding how Inset really works and how GraphicsColumn and the like automatically ...
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Spacing and dimension of plots in Grid/GraphicsGrid

There is a way to align axis/picture in this kind of plot? ...
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Set size of plot region [duplicate]

When generating graphs, I would like to keep the size of my plot range constant, instead of the size of the image in total (as been done with ImageSize). Please see the example below. How can I ...
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Plot with two scales for X axis

I want to do something similar to 1 Plot, 2 Scale/Axis but for the X-axis. The aim is to have physical units below, but array indices at the top for easy access to the discrete data range. So far I ...
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