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How to group and join points

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Reordering numerically calculated eigenvalues assuming smooth dependence on a parameter

As was discussed in a different question here on SE (link) if you compute eigenvalues numerically of a matrix which depends on a parameter y, the resulting plot of ...
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Sorting eigenvectors according to its projection

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How to ListContourPlot an eigenvalue spectrum without jumping?

MWE: ...
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How to plot eigenvalues as a function of parameters in a dynamic module?

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How to sort eigenvalues?

I am trying to find Eigenvalues to a 12x12 Matrix ($H$) dependent on two variables $x$ and $y$. Later I want to do a 3D plot of one eigenvalue ($E$) over $x$ and $y$. An analytical solution is not ...
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Plot and an error

I have set of matrices(multiplied to give U123[q, p, r]) and would like to diagonalize U123[q, p, r] and plot the eigenvalues. ...
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Discontinuities in eigenvalues plotting with Plot3D

I have a 6x6 matrix, depending on 2 variables kx and ky and defined as the sum of the two following matrices (...
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Graphs Plotting Discontinuous

I'm trying to plot a graph from the eigenvalues of a matrix I created. The graph shows with discontinuities in it and I was looking for some feedback. Here's the code: ...
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Is the output to Solve ordered or are the solutions randomly placed?

I am trying to find the roots of a polynomial of eight degree $$\sin^8\varphi-2\lambda_i^2\sin^6\varphi+(6\lambda_i^2+\lambda_i^4)\sin^4\varphi-(4\lambda_i^2+2\lambda_i^4)\sin^2\varphi+\lambda_i^4=0$$ ...
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Some glitch in the Plot: Two approaches for plotting give different results

I have a matrix whose eigenvalues have to be plotted. I am using two techniques but they are not the same. Please guide me on this. Here is first command or code used for plotting the eigenvalues(...
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Mathematica's Plot3D function gives me a scrambled plot

When I plot the band structure of the Lieb lattice, which has the Hamiltonian given in this code, I get a scrambled plot in the output. I've tried the exact same procedure with many different lattices ...
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