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Plotting extra parametric axes [closed]

We are trying to plot a figure as below from data points. This version is a postprocessed plot (in Illustrator) just to obtain the skew axes. The rest is plotted with ...
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Ternary diagram

I'd like to make a RegionPlot on a ternary diagram, meaning in a triangle where the axis are $x,y,z$, which are related by $x+y+z=1$. The RegionPlot would have as a condition $x^2+y^2<1$ for ...
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Programming a Colour Blend

Huge thanks to those who have helped me find my footing especially to @bRost03 who did the programming below. I hope you guys don't mind if I clarify one thing about the programming - I think I have ...
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Geometric transform of a plot with legends and title

I'm doing a ternary phase diagram, so I want to plot it in a triangle and not in a square. If I'm doing the transformation with legends it doesn't work, but if I don't put legends it does work. Why ...
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