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Plot a trajectory in a simplex [duplicate]

I would like to plot the make-up of a population over time as it changes its composition. For this, I'd like to make a simplex plot, a classic method in some fields - such as this example from a paper ...
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How to plot curves in ternary plot (triangular plot) [duplicate]

I need to plot the following curve in a triangular (ternary) plot: $$|x_{BB}-x_{AA}|=(\sigma_c-2x_{AB}+1)^{\gamma}, \qquad (1)$$ subjected to the condition (this condition must satisfy for a ternary ...
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How to plot contours on the faces of a cube?

I'm trying to plot contours of a function f[x,y,z] on the faces of a cube as the example below, which represents the domain of this function. Is there a way to do ...
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How can I create an advanced grid interface?

Working on a CDF for report creation, I miss having a nice grid interface, where I would have basic operations like being able to sort a columns by clicking on the columns head (ascending and ...
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Fast DensityPlot

Is it possible to increase the performance of the DensityPlot? For example, let's try to plot the following "flower" ...
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Diagonal Tick Marks

I would like to draw diagonal tick marks around a plot, and simultaneously rotate the tick labels as well. I've mocked up what this would look like: Is there an easy way to do this in Mathematica? I ...
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How to ternary Plot3D a function

I ploted 3D the function Sin[A/2]Sin[B/2]Sin[C/2] with A, B, C > 0 and A + B + C = Pi. A ...
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region plot in a 2-simplex

I want to plot a 2-dimensional region with constraint $x+y\le N$, i.e., I want to plot a sub-region inside a 2-simplex. As an example: ...
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How can I draw ternary plot by these data?

I have these data and want to draw similar fifures in mathematica. any one can help me? ...
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How to conveniently plot 3-category Dirichlet data in equilateral triangle instead of 2-simplex

I'm wondering if there's something in Mathematica similar to the built-in function in R shown in the figures below, borrowed ...
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Manipulate Controller - Simplex

Imagine you have three numbers a, b and c, and using ...
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Adding code comments to a module [closed]

What is the best way to comment a long Module? For linear flowing calculations that need not be organised in modules, I usually mix text and math. But how can I do that inside a module, or block, or ...
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How to map a 2D figure into the 3D plane?

I have several 2D figures, and now I want to map them into the 3D space plane, the picture below shows my idea. The figure above was made by maping texture of the 2D plot on the 3D plane and the idea ...
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3D Ternary Plot - Triangular Prism?

I'm new to Mathematica and I am using it as a free trial online. I am doing a biology experiment, varying the composition of people's diet and seeing the effect of that on sleep. Because I am varying ...
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How can I add column-rearrangement-by-mouse-dragging to my dataset display function?

A subject that I seem to take at heart... I was expecting an upgrade of the default Dataset display in MMA 10.3.1. It did not happen. Among the features I would have liked to see improved is a better/...
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