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Works in mathematica but not as cdf preview or web embedded cdf [duplicate]

I have a curvature simulation with the help of m_goldberg that works in mathematica but does not work as a cdf in cdf preview. In mathematica it says nothing while in cdf preview or while web embedded ...
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CDF and ElasticSearch [duplicate]

I have an large amount of data, in the terabyte range, in an ElasticSearch instance. The data is on an network air gapped from my Mathematica instance and I'd like to have an app to examine the data ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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Deploying Mathematica Content Online

I have the following program at home, which draws on a batch of pre-processed files (that are word frequency text files, compiled using ToLowerCase, ...
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In a CDF can I suppress or avoid "This file contains potentially unsafe dynamic content..."

I created a CDF to distribute to a single trusted user who both knows and trusts me and everything I make for them. I downloaded the CDF player and the CDF to one of their computers. The CDF works ...
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Basic questions about GUI

I have created the following simple GUI: ...
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What is the proper method to load a Mathematica package inside a DynamicModule

I have a DynamicModule that requires loading of Mathematica packages. The usual methods do not seem to apply (...
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How to execute a function in the package from java?

I use Wolfram Workbench 2.0. I can get a KernelLink object and evaluate some simple expressions like "2+2". But I don't know how to export a package and execute ...
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Publishing a Mathematica notebook

I am considering publishing a Mathematica notebook, used for analysis of some data, as a “supporting information” file alongside a research paper. What are the common practices for doing so, and what ...
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A good way to manage code in a complicated CDF?

When doing complicated programming in a Mma notebook I define several functions that I use in my higher level funtions, and I use a "Subsection" cell for each definition. For example I might write: <...
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Manipulators and Dynamic in more concise code

Is there a way to update dynamic variables through a function. I was looking back at one of the answers from Heike where she showed me how to make my custom ...
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MathLink and CDF

So far I have read that some things are not supported in CDFs. Istvan-zachar mentioned very useful things in his post. Unfortunately he mentioned that MathLink operations, including J/Link and .NET/...
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What are the exact guidelines for what is allowed in a CDF?

I have read the guidelines published by Wolfram (these are restricted: non-numeric input fields, dialog windows, and data import and export) but I have a CDF that seems simple enough and seems to ...
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Why aren't the locators independently enabled/disabled?

I am wondering why the Enabled setting for the first locator (point1) overrides the Enabled setting for the second locator (...
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Function saved in a package won't load in the deployed CDF on startup

I wrote a function and saved it in a package. I saved a copy of the package in the Autoload folder too. I deployed a CDF that contains this function. When I open the CDF later, this function (which ...
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