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Torn edge paper effect for images

In my answers to Plotting Error Bars on a Log Scale I used a so called "torn edge" effect from on one of the images. @SjoerdC.deVries commented: "BTW I liked the ripped-out look of your InputForm ...
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Animating a Voronoi Diagram

edit: Excellent answers have been provided and I made an animation which is suitable for my use, however, all the examples rely on bitmap/rasterized data; is there a vector based approach? I would ...
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Plotting ErrorBars with a different style

I would like to plot the error bars of ErrorListPlot with a different style than the points. I know of ErrorBarFunction, but ...
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Mathematica: 3D plot based on combined 2D graphs

I have several sigmoidal fits to 3 different datasets, with mean fit predictions plus the 95% confidence limits (not symmetrical around the mean) and the actual data. I would now like to show these ...
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Adding graphics primitives to log plots [duplicate]

I am making ListLogLog plots with polygons in the Prolog and lines in the Epilog, and I want ...
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Asymmetric X and Y error bars on ListLogPlot

The wonderful error bar log plots package ErrorBarLogPlots from V6 no longer positions labels correctly (since ...
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How to plot data with error bars on a log scale in Mathematica 9?

I have data in the form d={{x1,y1,dy1},{x2,y2,dy2},..{xn,yn,dyn}}; so the error bars are different for each coordinate pair. I want to plot on a logarithmic x-...
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ErrorListLogPlot gives wrong error bars on log scale

From this and this post I learned how to use ErrorListLogPlot and its family to add error bars on top of a list of mean values. However, consider this simple ...
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Problem with error plot

In error list plot what command I will use for denoting the range of X axis? ...
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ListLogPlot with negative errorbars

So I have been reading Plotting Error Bars on a Log Scale on how to implement errorbars with a logarithmic y-scale but I have another problem: some of my errorbars are negative values and I don't know ...
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How to draw with ErrorBarLogPlots

I want to draw those data with ErrorBar and the Y-axis must be in Log scale ...
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How to merge a ListLogPlot including a discrete set of data points with a LogPlot including some analytical functions?

I have an analytical 1d-function of a variable called $M$ and I have plotted that function using the following code: ...
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Misalignment of plot points when adding error bars [duplicate]

Following the second solution from Plotting Error Bars on a Log Scale on how to add error bars on a ListLogLinearPlot I tried to change the error bar indicators ...
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Using ErrorBars with ListLogPlot in Mathematica 11 [duplicate]

I am trying to insert error bars in a plot with a log scaled y-axis with ...
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