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How can we make publication-quality PlotMarkers without version 10?

Suppose that for certain reasons we are not yet using Mathematica version 10, or we have a version with buggy PlotMarkers. It is well known that the default markers ...
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Graphics exported from Mathematica 9 are very large because even standard fonts are embedded

Note: Fixed in version 10. See Verbeia's answer. I've upgraded from Mathematica 8 to 9 (which apparently leaves the old version installed and usable which I didn't expect). I see a significant ...
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PDF exports of ArrayPlot's are fuzzy (OS X)

This is fixed for in version 10.3 by disabling interpolation in the PDF (see Romwell's answer). However, on OS X simply ignores this flag. Thus, in practice, the problem remains for all ...
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Transfer graphics from Mathematica to Word without loss of quality

I want some high-quality 2D graphics produced by Mathematica in my paper. My step-by-step operation as follows: First I make the plot, for example, ...
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Save as pdf broken in version 10.0.2?

Fixed in 10.1 It looks like the save as pdf is broken after I update to version 10.0.2. The labels in the plot become a mess. Are there ways to fix it? The Export ...
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Plot has red 'film', no error message

I am encountering really strange behavior: I wrote a function that plots values some data. After executing the code the resulting plot has the red 'error' colour, but only momentarily (maybe 0.1 sec). ...
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Rotated text in "plot" cannot be copied to MS Word

When I add some text to a simple plot with drawing tools, the text cannot be copied and pasted out with the graphic itself to Microsoft Word. Do you know how to copy the manually added text out to ...
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Color degrades when using Copy As Bitmap

I have discovered a problem that affects my use of Mathematica. When I use the menu command Edit > Copy As > Bitmap the colors in the copy are subtly degraded. To make this more apparent I copied ...
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How to set distance between ticks to 1cm

I have for example the following grid: ...
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Reducing the size of exported .eps files to the minimum necessary

Running version 10.3 on my Power Mac with 22 Gbytes of memory I can create and export an .eps or .pdf graphics such as, ...
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Printing problem: PDF output has a plot error

In my Mathematica file I have several plots that I put together in a grid. One of the plots is coded with the following code: ...
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Choosing specific font variants

Many fonts come with several variants that can be accessed from most OS X applications. Here's an example showing several variants of the Latin Modern Roman font. (These variants in the screenshot ...
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How to plot points in 2D without restricting their apparent positions to pixel grid?

Compare the two renderings of the same point in the following code (this is just a reduced example, I know I could just zoom in the scene, it's not an option in original code): ...
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Saving SwatchLegend when Saving A Graph to a File

I have created a labeled digraph and a legend using SwatchLegend. ...
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