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Apply multiple functions to same list

I'd like to get the Min, Max, Median, Mean, etc. for the same list. For now I'm doing the following: ...
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How do I evaluate only one step of an expression?

I am looking for a simple, robust way to evaluate an expression only one step, and return the result in a held form. The definition of a single step is ambiguous, and this itself is probably worthy ...
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How to change plot style or other options after it was created

For example: p = Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 1}] Is it possible to write options in Show to change the curve's color for example into ...
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Nest list with two functions

Is it possible to use the NestList command with two functions, one at every even step and apply the other at every odd step. If this is possible could someone share an example ?
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Map function on the specified location

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Plot the minimum of a list of functions

This is my first question on any stack-exchange site and I'm also very new to using Mathematica software so please excuse/correct me if I mess up. I would like to take a list of functions of a single ...
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Replace heads to match a pattern

Is it possible to replace the heads to match a pattern? eg f[f[f[]]] -> a[b[c[]]] or ...
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How to replace an element in a list with an element in another list with matching indices?

I have a list like this l = {1 + 2*s, 2 + 3*s, 4 + 1*s}, and I have calculated s = {1, 2, 3}. I need to replace ...
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Plotting multiple parametric functions with different intervals

I want to make a parametric plot like this: ParametricPlot[{{2 t, -10 t^2}, {t, 2 t}}, {t, 0, 2}] I have tried the following but it doesn't work: ...
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How can I find the points of B Spline functions for a specific range?

Based on this question: I have a list of bspline functions (nearly 1000) provided by applying BSplineFunction to a list of points. I want to get the points each of ...
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How to generate patterns by a list of integers

I have a list of integers {3,4,2,2}. This list will give patterns {x_,_,y_,y_,_,_,z_,z_,w_,w_,x_} and ...
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Computing derivatives (at a point) efficiently

I need to compute all derivatives for a multi-variable expression upto a certain number of derivatives dmax evaluated at a point. So I need say the n-th x and m-th ...
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