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Is FindMinimum function multithreaded? Is it worth it to use this function in ParallelDo loop? [duplicate]

I have to call FindMinimum function n times on my data. But when I put it in ParallelDo loop it works slower than in casual Do loop. I wonder what might be the case (in the loop there are no other ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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Why won't Parallelize speed up my code?

What reasons are there that can cause parallelized Mathematica code not to run with full performance?
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Measuring execution time of code

How one can measure the execution time (time that is spent for code to finish) of a program in Mathematica? I understand that there are general timing functions (Timing, AbsoluteTiming, TimeUsed, etc....
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Does Mathematica take advantage of hyper-threading (if it is available)?

I do not know much about computer architecture, but some Intel processors have hyper-threading technology, which can apparently improve parallelization for applications that take advantage of it. In ...
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Intuitive explanation of RemoteBatchSubmit[] in AWS for total novices?

When I read Wolfram's post about the new features in MMA 12.2 I was intrigued by RemoteBatchSubmit[]. He wrote: I have only ever used MMA from my laptop, and never used any other cloud computing or ...
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How to force an evaluation to use only one core?

There are some evaluations which are automatically parallelized or multithread if there are cores available.( for example, Eigenvalues) But I don't want the ...
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Does Eigenvalues evaluate in a parallelized way?

I use mathematica on a computer with linux operating system. The computer has 2 cpus and each cpu has 4 cores, so there are totally 8 cores available. Now I got confused with whether the evaluation ...
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How to parallel the computation tasks according to machines instead of kernels

On a HPC, there are many computation nodes, each node corresponds to an independent machine. Every node has several cores, for example 8 per node. Mathematica can launch remote kernels on different ...
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Are all MMA computations single-core unless explicitly parallelized?

I was wondering if the WolframMark Benchmark uses more than one core. This becomes relevant when comparing Benchmark scores between, say, 4-core and 8-core machines. I looked at Benchmark's code, and ...
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Whether Parallel computing or Gpu Computing can be performed for mathematica built-in functions? [closed]

I want to know how to run my mathematica code using GPU or parallel computing without any special coding besides using the original Mathematica code.
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