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I have a list of numbers which I have named "result" and which I modify according to certain rules. At the end of the routine, I plot the list with the command: ListPlot[result, PlotRange -> ...
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How to Plot Vertical Asymptote [duplicate]

How can I plot the vertical asymptote x=3 for this function: f(x)=Log2(x-3) This is what I have tried so far: ...
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can someone how to plot $x = c$ in a different color scheme? [duplicate]

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How to draw a line marking where each chapter occurs in a text? [duplicate]

I am performing a text analysis on C.S. Lewis's book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I have created the following analysis of textual occurences of Aslan or Lion, Peter, Lucy, Edmund, Susan, ...
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Adding Lines to Sparklines (plots w/o frames, axes, etc.)

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Adding custom GridLines to the "automatic" ones

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How to insert guide-lines in graphics without specifying range?

Is it possible to insert guide lines in Graphics - for example a horizontal line through y=0 coordinate without specifying the range of the line? Originally I assumed Infinity might do the trick: <...
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How do I add a vertical thick line to log-log plots?

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How to add the position of an added vertical line to the plot itself?

In this question it is answered how to add a vertical line to a graph. However, it has not been shown that how can someone add the position of that vertical line to the axis. How can I add the ...
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I don't understand the Epilog function

I had the same question as How to add a vertical line to a plot and I have read the first answer using the Epilog function. This answer solved my problem and my code is now working. However, I don't ...
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Adding vertical dotted lines to a plot with different markers as dots

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Add lines and text in a plot

If I have the following code: ...
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