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Can one identify the design patterns of Mathematica?

... or are they unnecessary in such a high-level language? I've been thinking about programming style, coding standards and the like quite a bit lately, the result of my current work on a mixed .Net/...
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Basins of Attraction

How does one shade the basin(s) of attraction of a phase plot in Mathematica? I have been trying to do this using the system $$\begin{align*} \dot x &= y\\ \dot y &= -9\sin(x) - 0.20y \end{...
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Plotting the image of a curve under a flow

I have some explicit time-independent vector field on the plane, and I would like to study how points evolve under the flow generated by this vector field. The flow is rather complicated and cannot be ...
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Speed up manipulate by exporting each step as an image

Consider a manipulate function such as: ...
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Looping with NDSolve?

I have a series of PDE equations that are solved with NDSolve for certain variables $a$ and $b$ - Now, I want to see the output at a time $t$ as $a$ and $b$ change; so I was thinking of a loop ...
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NDSolve ensemble of initial points

I want to illustrate how the differential equation depends on the initial conditions. First if all differential equations: ...
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Volume Deformation

I want to do a volume deformation based on Bezier volumes. For example, if I have a triangle mesh, then I want to deform the mesh into a weird shape like the example image attached here. Can anyone ...
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how to create Panel for Plot?

Can You advice me how to put the whole thing below into an interactive Panel, so I can values of parameters dynamically - type other values (alpha, beta, x0, y0, R, tmax) and plot updates ...
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Transform a region using the flow of differential equation

I was looking to apply a nonlinear transformation to a geometric region, say a rectangle to obtain a transformed region. According to the documentation for TransformedRegion, one requires a Region and ...
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Reevaluation issue in Animate

I have an animation coded like this: ...
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