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Polar color coding for complex function plots?

Having browsed this Q on plotting complex functions and the Zeta page, I don't see anything as nice as this plot from Matilde Marcolli's slides "Geometry and physics of numbers". Looks like ...
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Plotting Zeros of a Complex Variable

I'm trying to plot the zeros within a certain distance from the origin using Mathematica of a given function (in my case, partial sums of the Zeta Function). I've tried plugging in simple functions, ...
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How can I plot a result of Laplace Transform? [duplicate]

Is it possible to Plot the output of LaplaceTransform with Mathematica? Obviously when I apply ...
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Plotting a function of one variable in a 3d dimensional complex space

I would like to plot graphs of functions like this: $ f(x)=x^2 +1 $ But in a tridimensional complex space. It should look like this: I am not sure if this has been asked before (Plotting Complex ...
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Plotting a complex function [duplicate]

What does it mean if this message appears: {Im[(1-E^Times[<<3>>] f)/(1-Power[<<2>>] f)]-0,Im[(1-E^Times[<<3>>] f)/(1-Power[<<2>>] f)]-0} must be a list ...
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Why Does Mathematica Have Trouble Plotting This?

I'm trying to Plot something relatively simple: ...
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Plotting 3D complex numbers with colours [duplicate]

I am new to Mathematica and am taking a course in Complex Analysis. I was wondering how to do the following: Plot in 3D (using Plot3D) the real part of f(x+Iy) and then colouring the corresponding 3D ...
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Plotting an expression with a complex-valued exponential [duplicate]

Given the wave function $\Psi\left ( x,t \right ) = \psi\left ( x \right )T\left ( t \right )$ with the spatial component of the wavefunction $\psi(x) = \psi_{0}e^{-ikx}$, I tried ...
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How can I plot the complex formula as follow? [closed]

I try for this ... I want to see the result like this ...
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Plotting Complex Numbers - Functions of Complex Numbers [duplicate]

So I have to generate a few different plots with z, where z is a complete number... z[x_, y_] := x + y*I F[z_] := (25*Pi*z*I)/(1 + 10*Pi*z*I) First, I need to ...
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Empty plot when calling the SphericalHarmonicY function in Plot or SphericalPlot3D [duplicate]

I'm getting an empty plot for the following code: SphericalPlot3D[ 2*Pi*Sin[theta]*SphericalHarmonicY[100, 50, theta, phi], {theta, 0, 2*Pi}, {phi, 0 , Pi}] ...
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How to draw the plot of a function in the complex plane? [duplicate]

I'm new to Mathematica, and I was wondering how to plot $x^n$ in the complex plane. Is there a dedicated function for this purpose?
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Residue simplifies to ComplexInfinity

I have Residue calculation that depends on a parameter r, for which I assume ...
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Plotting a function on a complex plane [duplicate]

I am new to Mathematica and I would like to know how to plot a complex function, say $f(z) = \frac{-z}{z^2 - 1}$ for $|z|<1$?
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How to plot data of complex numers [duplicate]

Here I have some output calculated for different values of some parameter. I want to plot these points in complex plane Re, Im and present them with ListLinePLot. How can I do that, I tried many times ...
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