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Random real numbers that sum up to specific value [duplicate]

In here, it works with "Integer". What if I want 5 positive real numbers that sum to 1? RandomChoice[IntegerPartitions[100, {5}]]/100. That will work. But only ...
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How do I generate n random numbers with an extra condition [duplicate]

I need to generate n random numbers that would sum into a. And I can't find an elegant solution here: https://reference.wolfram....
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Produce a probability vector with uniform distribution [duplicate]

A probability vector is a vector $\mathbf{p}=(p_1,p_2,\ldots,p_n)$ with the following properties: $\sum_{i=1}^{n}p_i=1$ $p_i\geq 0$ Assume that the set of all possible probability vectors is $\...
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Generating visually pleasing circle packs

EDIT: (my conclusion and thank you note) I want to thank you all guys for this unexpected intellectual and artistic journey. Hope you had fun and enjoyed it the same as I did. I would like to ...
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Random numbers that sum up to specific value

I would like to generate a list with random numbers, which add up to a specific value. While[Total[x] == 28, x = RandomInteger[{0, 28}, 5];Print[x]] The random ...
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Vectors with a certain magnitude in Mathematica

For a user-specified magnitude, is there a way to have Mathematica produce any 3D vector with that magnitude?
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Random sampling of multiple integers with constant sum

I want to build a model of 40 geological layers, assuming each layer has equal chance to be one of the four types of rocks and the four types of rocks have equal chance to appear in any layer. The ...
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How to generate a Markov Matrix efficiently

A Markov Matrix is a square matrix,which have two features: All elements great than or equal to $0$(But I hope all element great than or equal to $0.1$) All the columns add up to $1$ I have a custom ...
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Random reals according to conditions

I'd like to create a list of triplets $(x,y,z)$ which satisfy the following properties: $$0<x<1/2 \\ 0<y<1/2-x \\ -1<z<-2(x+y)$$ Basically I would like to uniformly generate random ...
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How to generate two group of $n$ random numbers in $U(0,1)$ such that sum of these two groups equal? [closed]

I want to have two groups of $n$ random numbers $u_i$ and $v_i$ in $U(0,1)$, such that $\sum u_i = \sum v_i$ What I tried is: I can firstly get $u_i$ by ...
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Extending a ternary plot to a tetrahedron (using ListPlot)

I have been making ternary plots of data that is a list of sets of 3 numbers, where the numbers in each set sum to one (call this "DATA"). To do this, I first transform DATA onto the 2D surface with ...
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Generate regularly spaced points from the surface of simplexes

I need to generate regularly spaced samples (points) from the surface of unit simplexes with 2 or greater vertices or end points. I can generate random samples pretty straightforwardly: ...
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Generate a uniform distribution over an $n$-simplex employing quasi-random low-discrepancy points

This post is intended in a similar direction to an earlier one Can I use Compile to speed up InverseCDF? . I now wish to generate uniform points in an $n$-simplex (specifically $n=8$), making use of ...
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Generating random matrices with a given $l_1$-norm

Let for any matrix $X$, its $l_1$-norm is given by $$\|X\|_1=\sum_{i,j}|x_{ij}|.$$ Let $x>0$ be given fixed number. How could I generate random quantum states $X$'s (i.e., positive semidefinite [i....
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