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Can evaluation show what was evaluated along with results? [duplicate]

After I write and evauate the following lines in Mathematica: a = 1 b = 2 x = a + b It will show only the result : 3. I want mathematica to show the following ...
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How to evaluate only arguments, but leave topmost expression unevaluated? [duplicate]

I want to represent expressions mostly in unevaluated form, but being able to evaluate it's subparts. For example, how to evaluate only arguments, but leave topmost expression unevaluated? For ...
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Partial evaluation of a function [duplicate]

In the spirit of a previous question, this is a self-assigned exercise in order to understand how we can control expression evaluation with Mathematica. So, given the following function definition: <...
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Clearing a list of variables: Problems trying to control the order-of-evaluation [duplicate]

I am having trouble controlling the order of evaluation of mathematica expressions. What I would really like is a general solution, in the form of a pair of functions ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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How to apply or map a list of functions to a list of data?

Say I have a group of functions: f1[a_] := a * -1; f2[a_] := a * 100; f3[a_] := a / 10.0; and some data in a list: ...
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Is it possible to define a new PlotTheme?

In version 10 one can define, say, $PlotTheme = "Scientific" Which changes the appearance of all plots. This is fantastic because on the one hand I can have nice ...
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How do you check if there are any equal arguments(even sublist) in a list?

I would like to set up a function which has to return True if at least two arguments of a given List are equal. So if I give {1,4,6,2} to the function it has to ...
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Compiling more functions that don't call MainEvaluate

I would like to use Compile with functions defined outside Compile. For example if I have the two basic functions ...
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Elegantly split a matrix into positive and negative parts?

I have a matrix $M$ of real components, and I want to split it into two matrices $M^+$ and $M^-$ of the same dimensions as $M$, where $M^+$ contains the positive components of $M$ (the remaining ...
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How to access new colour schemes in version 10?

Many colour schemes and colour functions can be accessed using ColorData. Version 10 introduced new default colour schemes, and a new customization option using <...
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Can we intelligently control evaluation in Thread?

This is a bid at creating a canonical Q&A. Many questions have been asked that come down to the fact that Thread evaluates its first argument before threading ...
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How can I evaluate only a single step of a recursive function?

Let's say have a simple recursive function for the Fibonacci sequence f[0] := 1 f[1] := 1 f[n_] := f[n - 1] + f[n - 2] but I want to see how it will expand in a ...
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How to properly inject iterators into table? [duplicate]

Goofing off on a prior question, I was fiddling with other methods, which led me to the need to inject a constructed set of iterators into a table construct. Now, ...
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Specifying non-conflicting PlotTheme options

A bug or limitation in 10.0.0 affects a few of these examples; it was resolved in 10.1.0. I am trying out Mathematica 10 on ...
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