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I have an expression V = (a[1] + a[2])b[1]. How would I define a function of a[1], a[2] and <...
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How to correctly specify variables in a function? [duplicate]

There is an expression ...
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Is it possible to define a function like this f[K[1]_,K[2]_,K[3]_] [duplicate]

f[K[1] _, K[2] _, K[3] _] := 32 b^9 + 4 b^3 Cosh[b/2] K[1] K[2] - 4 b^3 Cosh[b/2] K[1] K[3] f[10,10,10] I have an equation which is a function of K[1], K[2] and ...
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Part of array as a blank variable [duplicate]

I have a little question. Let me define the function: f[k_]:=k So 'k' in the argument of 'f' is a blank variable. Is there a way to define a part of array as a ...
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What are some useful, undocumented Mathematica functions?

There have already been some questions about some undocumented functionality in Mathematica. Such as (please add to these lists!) How can one find undocumented options or option values in Mathematica?...
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Is there a convenient way to copy/paste text-interspersed SE code snippets into Mathematica?

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How to work with Experimental`NumericalFunction?

This question is intimately connected with previous one: "How to create internally optimized expression for computing with high WorkingPrecision?" Oleksandr R. correctly states in the comment: A ...
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How to use subscript in pattern names?

For example I want to define a function with parameters σx and σy, that is, the function will be declared as: f[σx_,σy_] := . . ....
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Applying rules with functions to expressions with derivatives

I have a function that I want to see applied, potentially within a derivative. The use of delayed vs. non-delayed rules seems irrelevant. See the following: ...
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Function definition with sub (super) cripted variables [duplicate]

I like using subscripts a lot. However, it is regrettably not possible to do, for example: myfunction[Subscript[x,1]_] := Subscript[x,1] +1 where instead of the ...
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Functions with a greek, subscripted argument [duplicate]

I am working on a problem with a lot of (greek) variables and it makes sense to sub-script them. Some of them must appear in functions and I am having trouble using greek, subscripted variables ...
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