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Generating evenly spaced points on a curve

In the KnotData package a simple command such as points = Table[KnotData[{3, 1}, "SpaceCurve"][t], {t, 0, 2 Pi, 0.1}]; will ...
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Joining points into 3D surface

This seems like a simple problem, but I can't find any questions like it here so I'm making a new one. Apologies if I missed one. I have a list of points contained in a file which can be visualized ...
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ContourPlot3D wrong plotting result with extra surfaces

Bug introduced after 9.0, persisting through 13.1. Bug report sent on 12/Nov/2022. WRI confirmed the Bug on 18/Nov/2022. I'm trying to plot the following implicit equation in 3D: ...
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How can I smooth a 3D surface generated by RegionBoundary?

I have a set of points that belong to the surface of an object. I would like to approximate a surface to which I can compute the distance. of other points. With the nice code of this post, I was able ...
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Reduce quality of an imported MeshRegion

Importing STL files using Import results in a MeshRegion composed by the triangulation of the original file, and a similar ...
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Object separation from a 2.5D surface

I'm trying to identify the shape and the boundaries of objects. The data was generated with a laser scanner and represent the surface of an area in which many boulders lay on the ground and making up ...
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interpolating a smooth closed surface to a non-uniform data set (ListSurfacePlot3D)

I want to generate a smooth coloured surface from a discrete set of points of the form {x,y,z,F} using the ListSurfacePlot3D. My data set is quite non uniform; the ...
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Interpolate throughout a 3d data list without extrapolation

I have a 3D list of data for which I'd like to plot an interpolated surface. There are several ways to achieve this, but none I cannot find a method which ONLY plots the ENTIRE interpolated surface ...
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How can I make a smoothed 3D plot from a list of data? [closed]

I have a list of data points that I would like to turn into a 3D Surface with adjustable degree of smoothing for readability. The data consist of absorption values between -0.01 and 0.01 measured at ...
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Surface Plot 3D of a strongly concave shape

I have a list of {x,y,z} points that all lie on the surface of an object (model output from COMSOL). I would like to generate a graphics object that reproduces the surface. Ideally, I would like ...
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