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Equivalent of Maple `ShowSolution` command in *Matematica* [duplicate]

While responding to a comment (...solve it by hand quickly) on this question, I used Maple to see all the steps in an integration, differentiation, and limit, like this The Maple command ...
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show detail steps of an Integration [duplicate]

I compared the results of an integration exercise, one was done by Mathematica Alpha, the other one was done by hand on my own. I'm sure MA is right, however I could not find out which step went wrong ...
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Is there a way for me to get Mathematica show its steps? [duplicate]

I have seen similar questions but they were quite dated (3+ years). When performing, say an Integration, it would be beneficial to see the major steps such as variable substitution, change the order ...
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Get a "step-by-step" evaluation in Mathematica

Is it possible in Mathematica to get a step-by-step evaluation of some functions; that's to say, outputting not only the result but all the stages that have led to it? If so, how does one do it? ...
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The underlying process of Integrate[] [duplicate]

Integrate[x^4 E^-x^2, {x, 0, +∞}] Output: (3 Sqrt[π])/8 Can someone explain to me the specific calculation process ?
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Is it possible to simulate a solved example in Wolfram for free, How?

How we can write the following Formula in Wolfram: The Fourier Series $$ f(x)=f(x+2\pi), f(x) =\left\{ \begin{array}{rcr} 1 & & -\pi <x<0 \\ \sin x & & 0<x<...
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How to do symbolic definite integral without copy and paste the intermediate results?

I am do a symbolic definite integral, I am doing it like this: Integrate[1/Sqrt[(ϵ + u)^2 + Δ^2], ϵ] // FullSimplify It gives an output: ...
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Step-by-step definite integration in 2D

Is possible to extend this answer in order to perform definite integrals in two dimensions step-by-step? OK, In response to the comment, I did a try and I have by now the following: ...
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PostProcessing TraditionalForm output to append a vertical bar?

This simple task is giving me trouble. Suppose I'd like to take the output from TraditionalForm[Integrate[x^2,x]] and post-process it to append a vertical bar ...
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How to display detailed output in Mathematica [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Get a “step by step” evaluation in Mathematica How does Mathematica integrate? I want to display more detailed output from a calculation. The default command for calculation ...
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is there an equivalent of "show" steps? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Get a “step by step” evaluation in Mathematica In wolfram alpha, when preforming for complicated integrals there's a 'show steps' option that explains how the ...
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