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How can I make a 2D line plot with a drop shadow under the line?

You often see plots styled like this (ignore the bar chart component): i.e. with a small drop shadow under the line. (I'm assuming Excel is being used to produce these plots). How could you make ...
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How can I set different opacity values for the background of a ListPlot

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Make Plot look like Bloomberg terminal

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Problem achieving effect I want with ColorFunction

I want to create a plot showing historical annual maximum and minimum temperatures. I've figured out how to get 10 years of historical temperature data from Wolfram|Alpha. The plot below shows the ...
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How to fill curves with a color gradient?

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Filling a 2D plot with a texture

I am having trouble filling the bottom of the following plot: Plot[Piecewise[{{Exp[-1/(1 - x^2)], Abs[x] < 1}, {0, Abs[x] >= 1}}], {x, -2, 2}] with the ...
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Horizon Plots in Mathematica?

I am trying to create horizon plots in Mathematica similar to what is described here: Any suggestions how to approach this?
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ListLinePlot with vertical filling gradient

I am aware that the topic of vertical filling has been discussed before (e.g., here and here), but I could not find any reasonably simple solution to the following problem: I have a discrete data set ...
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how to make a custom filling to be semitransparent [duplicate]

I have this plot: However, I would like the grid lines to be visible. I have tried to set the filling with some Opacity by means of ...
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plot filling using blend and y value

I want to plot say Sin(x) with colorfilling. but I want the colour to be a gradient between white and red. When Abs[sin(x)] is maximum I want white, when its minimum I want the filling to be red. In ...
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Plotting extra parametric axes [closed]

We are trying to plot a figure as below from data points. This version is a postprocessed plot (in Illustrator) just to obtain the skew axes. The rest is plotted with ...
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Rotating a plot with a gradient filling defined by a function

I'm attempting to combine two problems that were previously addressed in the questions below: Filling an area between two curves with respect to a color function Adding a gradient filling according ...
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