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Export Plot3D in Mathematica 10.1 is Rasterized by default

When I use Export to export Plot3D to PDF format, I get different behaviour in Mathematica 10.1 compared to 10.0. In particular, ...
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How to make Mathematica graphs in Microsoft Word independent from Mathematica?

When I open a .docx file containing Mathematica graphs on a computer without Mathematica software installed, the graphs look corrupted. For example, ...
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Transfer graphics from Mathematica to Word without loss of quality

I want some high-quality 2D graphics produced by Mathematica in my paper. My step-by-step operation as follows: First I make the plot, for example, ...
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How to preserve clipping when exporting a framed histogram with font embedding?

I work with histograms and would like to export it to EPS format. I've noticed that my exported image loses the PlotRangeClipping option that I set up when I export the plot. This is true for at least ...
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Mathematica-exported PDFs placed in Illustrator documents keep disappearing

This question is regarding interoperability between Adobe Illustrator and Mathematica. Illustrator has a File → Place... function which can insert complete figures inside Illustrator documents. "...
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How can I insert an EPS file exported from RegionPlot into MS Word?

I generate a figure using RegionPlot and then Export it as "EPS". When I insert this picture ...
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How could I perform Region or Polygon Clipping in mathematica?

I need to clip several regions reg: like Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse... My goal isn't to plot the clipping but to have a representation of each new region. I searched if there was any package or ...
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Copy and pasted graphics are fuzzy

I have a function that creates a 2D line with filling to the axis. When I copy this graphic into MS Word it is very fuzzy, so much so that the numbers and text are almost unreadable, not to mention ...
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BarChart rasterized in EMF export

My boss wants several Mathematica graphics as vector graphics in EMF format. All my plots are exported neatly, except for a BarChart which gets rasterized for no apparent reason: ...
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Reducing the size of exported .eps files to the minimum necessary

Running version 10.3 on my Power Mac with 22 Gbytes of memory I can create and export an .eps or .pdf graphics such as, ...
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fail to export the 3d figures in eps form correctly in the version

I'm experiencing some strange problem, which is, when I try to export a figure to the eps form, either by right-click save as, or by the export command, the obtained .eps file seems in fact not to be ...
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PlotLegend reduces plot quality

I have used of these lines to plot three functions (in the first plotted figure) and I used of PlotLegend for them to be recognized. In the second plot I have used of all written for the first plot ...
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EMF Export Bug in v12

Bug introduced in 12.0 or earlier For some reason EMF vector image export deteriorates with every version. In v12.0 for Windows create a simple BarChart: ...
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How to save the output cell from this demonstration project as a .eps

I'm having a lot of fun playing with this cool demonstration project by Karl Scherer: After getting some beautiful artistic results I tried to print or ...
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Problem importing a pdf with a character with increasing opacity

I want to import a pdf in MMA(ver 12.0). The pdf is here. This pdf has a "$c^2$" in the middle of the white square that is completely transparent in the first page, then it become progressively more ...
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