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Modeling experimental data with differential equations

I have the following two sets of experimental data, which show the dependencies of two quantities, namely, $S$ and $B$, on time ($0$ h, $3$ h, $6$ h, $9$ h, $15$ h, $18$ h, $21$ h, and $24$ h): ...
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Step size issue with ParametricNDSolveValue to fit data to a set of non linear differential equations

I am fitting dataset dset to a set of non-linear differential equations to find the fitting parameters dP (pressure differential)...
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How to fit 3 data sets to a model of 3 differential equations?

I want to fit 3 data sets to a model consisting of 3 differential equations and 7 parameters. I want to find the parameters best fitting to my model. I have searched for several related examples. I ...
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Getting errors in NonlinearModelFit

I need to fit a system of ODEs to data. The solutions which could work for me are given in the following posts How to fit 3 data sets to a model of 4 differential equations? ODE fitting to dataset ...
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Non Linear Model Fit - Fitting ODE to Data

Thank you everyone for your meaningful contributions! My Goal and Problem I'm trying to fit a particular ODE in a set of ODE's to experimental data. I've attempted to implement this by following the ...
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How I can use FindFit to simultaneously fit two data sets to two equations having shared parameters? [duplicate]

I think that FindFit package with the method Nminimize yields global minimum if initial values of adjustable parameters are ...
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NonlinearModelFit with of a single PDE parameterized several times

Edit: My approach was wrong, I have solved this - please see comments I've been scouring the answers and the docs but I'm having trouble figuring out the answer to this one. In particular, Olksander ...
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Can I use a differential equation as a model to make a fit to experimental data?

I've done an experiment where I swung a pendulum under air resistance. Is it possible to model the data using the following differential equation and find a b-value? ...
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Finding a common parameter to two models for two small data sets

I am aware that similar questions have been asked previously. I am new to Mathematica. I tried all the suggested solutions but unfortunately did not manage to solve my problem. Any help would be ...
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Problem fitting ODEs to data using NonlinearModelFit with ParametricNDSolveValue

The following code attempts to fit a system of differential equations (enzyme kinetics) to some data, which for now happens to be fake data extracted from a solution with a particular set of ...
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Chemical Kinetics: fitting multiple sets of time series data using multiple differential reaction equations

Let me start by saying that this is my first post, so if there are suggestions on proper formatting that is annoying you, please let fly and I will do my best to modify. I was doing well solving the ...
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How do I get the MeanPredictionBands from the fitting of the numerical solution of coupled differential equations to data?

This is my first post, and I will preface my question by stating that I am relatively new to Mathematica. In any case, I would like to fit the solution of chemical kinetics equations to data and get ...
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How to fit two datasets with common fit parameters?

I have two data sets which go: ...
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ODE fitting to dataset

So, I have a ODE system, it is a complex biochemical kinetic mechanism with six species changing over time. ...
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non linear Least Squares with model function given by ODE's

I have to fit to experimental data a model function given by a linear combination of functions y1(t) and y2(t) a1*y1(t) + a2*y2(t) with a1 and a2 ...
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