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How to Fit experimental data with 4D ParametricNDSolve?

Let me first explain the background problem. I'm trying to solve a problem with a projectile motion in 4D such that the position vector is: $\boldsymbol{r}(t)=\boldsymbol{r}[x(t),y(t),z(t)]$ I have ...
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Minimize the sum-of-squares errors for a system of ODEs

I'm trying to minimizing the sum of squared errors on a 2-equation system of ODEs and empirical data. I keep getting an error and I think the root of the problem is my invocation of ...
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ParametricNDSolveValue or NDSolve + fitting

I have been trying to find the value for the parameter kestim that yields the best fit of a model to some data points. datac has ...
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How do I find the best fit?

I am trying to solve following system of three differential equations ...
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Exporting tables of interpolating functions

A few weeks ago I asked a question about manipulating parameters in NDSolve (Looping with NDSolve?) , and received some very helpful advice about the manipulate environment; now I want to take the ...
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Getting errors in NonlinearModelFit

I need to fit a system of ODEs to data. The solutions which could work for me are given in the following posts How to fit 3 data sets to a model of 4 differential equations? ODE fitting to dataset ...
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How do I get the MeanPredictionBands from the fitting of the numerical solution of coupled differential equations to data?

This is my first post, and I will preface my question by stating that I am relatively new to Mathematica. In any case, I would like to fit the solution of chemical kinetics equations to data and get ...
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Dsolve too slow -- is there anyway around?

I am trying to solve: ...
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non linear Least Squares with model function given by ODE's

I have to fit to experimental data a model function given by a linear combination of functions y1(t) and y2(t) a1*y1(t) + a2*y2(t) with a1 and a2 ...
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How to adjust excel data for NonlinearModelFit?

I'm really new to Mathematica and I'm facing a problem and would really appreciate some help! Maybe my question is similar to one described in How to fit 3 data sets to a model of 4 differential ...
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Step size issue with ParametricNDSolveValue to fit data to a set of non linear differential equations

I am fitting dataset dset to a set of non-linear differential equations to find the fitting parameters dP (pressure differential)...
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How to fit two datasets with common fit parameters?

I have two data sets which go: ...
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Problem fitting ODEs to data using NonlinearModelFit with ParametricNDSolveValue

The following code attempts to fit a system of differential equations (enzyme kinetics) to some data, which for now happens to be fake data extracted from a solution with a particular set of ...
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NonlinearModelFit with of a single PDE parameterized several times

Edit: My approach was wrong, I have solved this - please see comments I've been scouring the answers and the docs but I'm having trouble figuring out the answer to this one. In particular, Olksander ...
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How to fit 3 data sets to a model of 3 differential equations?

I want to fit 3 data sets to a model consisting of 3 differential equations and 7 parameters. I want to find the parameters best fitting to my model. I have searched for several related examples. I ...
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