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How to vary thickness of line on the plot? [duplicate]

How to plot the function f(x) so that one part be a thicker line than another depending on the value x? (Curve is efficient frontier - portfolio optimization)
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How to Make a Sankey Diagram

I have two lists start = {{1},{1},{1},{2},{3},{1}} end = {{1},{2},{2},{3},{3},{1}} And I want to create a Sankey diagram. Which looks something like So, ...
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How to plot a curve with border around the line?

This can be useful if the curve is passing over both dark and light backgrounds (like well-done subtitles in movies).
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Approximating an ornamental curve

How do I go about approximating this ornamental curve? Note variable thickness typical in calligraphy. Handbook and Atlas of Curves by E.V. Shikin (1995) contains many directions, including curve ...
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Removing unwanted appearance of underlying mesh

Let us first define two positive definite matrices: M1 = {{2, -6}, {4, 8}}; M2 = {{2, 3}, {4, 8}}; then set two points ...
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How can I make this pipe network shape?

I want to draw this shape in Mathematica. I don't know what to start with. Can I use BezierCurve? Or should I try to form an equation that could end up in this ...
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Make an offset curve (parallel curve)

I have a polynomial curve that I got through interpolation. ...
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How to blur a line gradually

I would like to draw a line or curve and blur it partially or gradually. AFAIK Blurring is only blurring for a complete object (like a line). Of course I can ...
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How to produce wavy lines

New to Mathematica, I'd like to produce some 'thick wavy lines' as simple graphical forms (not sure how else to describe them), like the waved shape of this dagger blade (but not the handle): I've ...
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How can I draw a random thickness curve?

As we know that add weight factors to Tube, we can get variety thickness tube. I want to know how to do the same thing directly in 2D graph instead of only a 3D ...
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Is it possible to vary the thickness of curves according to their color code

I have this data data = Table[{x, Sin[5 x], Tanh[3 x]}, {x, -1, 1, 0.01}]; which I plot as follows ...
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Filling using colors rendered corresponding to the difference between two curves

Suppose there are two curves f1[x] and f2[x], and we want to fill the area between them using colors corresponding to the vaule ...
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How to cut a thick curve in half lengthwise?

Is there any easy way to cut a thick curve in half lengthwise? Example: suppose I have the cardioid shown in the figure below, is there a way to delete either the inner or the outer portion of the ...
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2D Plotting of triplet data set with third axis as variation of thickness of curve

I have similar question like mentioned at representing triplet data set with color on 2d plot but this time instead of color I need to represent variation of third axis with the thickness of the curve
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How to get a Fountain Pen effect when Drawing Curves?

I am attempting to draw a curve where the width of the curve reduces with the speed at which I drag the mouse (a fountain pen effect). The gif below demonstrates the desired functionality. The code ...
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