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Is it possible to manipulate graphs by hand? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Generating graphs interactively (GUI) If I plot a graph, is it possible for me to manipulate the vertices such that when I move them, their attached edges will follow. One ...
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How to plot planar graphs as such?

A planar graph is a graph that can be drawn in the plane such that no two edges cross. For example, the graph ...
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Exclude data from a list

Let's create some random sample data data = Table[{RandomReal[{-10, 10}], RandomReal[{-10, 10}]}, {i, 1, 300}]; Then we plot them using ...
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Why the Mouse dragging response not as smooth as Locator

I am experimenting to use MouseDragged eventhandler to change the vertices positions of a triangle, it works, but not as smooth as using Locators. Is this the ...
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Manually adjust graph vertex location by dragging?

Sometimes I have a graph and I want to make tweaks to the vertex locations. Is there any way to manually adjust graph vertex location by dragging? If I double click to edit, I can move around the ...
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Manipulate graphs in 3D

Is it possible to Manipulate Graphs (e.g. a ...
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How can I draw a block diagram of a certain kind? [closed]

I want to draw the diagram shown in the image shown below. I want to use Mathematica's Graph tool. I evaluated ...
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Detect a graphic primitive inside a Graphic

Please excuse me if that question is too basic but I couldn't find anything in the documentation or on here. If you consider the following Graphic I would like to ...
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Enhancing GraphUtilities' GraphEdit

One thing I use Mathematica for is building molecular graphs. Until now, I've been content with generating an adjacency matrix from SMILES data, and passing that to ...
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Interactive Graph Construction

I'm interested in constructing an interactive GUI graph generator, where I can add and delete vertices and edges. I'm aware of this question, and this is but a quick follow-up to this answer. I would ...
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Is it possible to visually edit a graph?

Given a graph, obtained by something like CompleteGraph[5], can I somehow add/remove edges/vertices visually? Or is the only alternative to transform it via ...
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Strange behavior of my vertex eventhandler!

I have two level EventHandler. The inner one is made of vertex of Graph and the other outer one is of the Dynamic Graph. (1) If I select a arbitray place on the Graph except a vertex, then every ...
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