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Is manual adjustment of AccuracyGoal and PrecisionGoal useless?

This is a problem confusing me for years. AccuracyGoal and PrecisionGoal are two options that I never truly understand and, to ...
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Is there any possibility to implement a structure like a ProgressIndicator into NDSolve?

It is already formulated in the title. NDSolve takes sometimes a considerable piece of time. It would be very practical to have some information on how long it is still to wait. So, any ideas? To ...
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Solving Burger's equation with NDSolve at large time

I want to solve the following Burger's equation $$\partial_tu+\partial_x\left(\frac{u^2}{2}\right)=0,~~x\in[0,2\pi],~t>0\\u(x,0)=\frac{1}{3}+\frac{2}{3}\sin(x)$$ with mathematica. Here's my code: <...
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NDSolve uses different difference order for different spatial derivative when solving PDE

I found something this tutorial for method of line doesn't tell us. Consider the following toy example: ...
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Laplace's equation in spherical coordinates with Neumann b.c

I am trying to find the temperature field in a semi-infinite solid on whose surface there is an isotherm spherical cap sunken by a length p. For example: ...
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Extending NDSolve beyond a singularity

The $\tan$ function satisfies the following IVP: $$y'=1+y^2 ,\quad y(0)=0 $$ and has simple poles at the points $x=\pi/2+ \pi n$ for integer $n$. When trying to get $\tan$ via numerical integration,...
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Boundary sphere partial differential equation

I am trying to solve partial differential equation in spherical coordinates $(\theta,\phi)$,but I don't know how to properly include boundary conditions of $\theta$. For $\phi$ it is periodic, but $\...
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PDEs : automatic method choice : TensorProductGrid or FiniteElement?

A problem that arises when we solve PDEs with NDSolve[] and Method->Automatic is how to know which method has been chosen : <...
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NDSolve for Laplace equation on disk is not working

I want to solve the laplace equation on the disk using NDSolve. Particularly I want to solve the problem $$\frac{\partial^2 u }{\partial r^2 } +r^{-1}\frac{\partial u }{\partial r }+r^{-2}\frac{\...
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Droplet of water-alcohol mixture spreading due to evaporation-caused surface tension gradient

I am trying to solve a coupled system of PDEs for 2 functions h[t,r] and c[t,r], with initial conditions of ...
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Problems with DSolve and NDSolve for Dirichlet problem on an annulus

To solve the Dirichlet problem on an annulus, I do the following in 12.2 on Windows 10 Pro ...
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Solving Laplace equation in spherical coordinates

I was trying to solve Laplace's equation for a spherical capacitor, which is not difficult by hand, just to figure out the commands so I can eventually try something more complicated. Then, I ran into ...
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Inactive nonlinear ODE system results in NDSolveValue::femcnmd warning

I am currently trying to solve a set of 1D steady state ODEs using NDSolveValue in the form of Inactive[Grad] and ...
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Modified Helmholtz Equation in Spherical Coordinates

Writing out the Modified Helmholtz equation in spherically symmetric co-ordinates Note that $\nabla^2 \psi(r)\;$=$\;\frac{d^{2} \psi}{d r^{2}}+\frac{2}{r} \frac{d \psi}{d r}$=$\frac{1}{r} \frac{d^{2}}{...
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