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Mathematica provides functions that perform a depth-first postorder traversal, or which use such a traversal, including: Scan, ...
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ReplaceAll is not working correctly

The line of code -E^(-I k) x /. {-x -> -x, -E^(-I k) x -> -E^(I k) x} is not properly replacing the exponential of (-I k) with the exponential of (I k), as ...
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Pattern to match L, but not L[_]

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Why does {2, 9, 3, 16, 81, 0.09} //. {x_Integer -> Sqrt[x]} evaluate infinite times? [closed]

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How to define a Rule to match a Head except if it is a Part of another?

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Embedding StreamPlot in Graphics3D

I am trying to visualise the action of the infinitesimal generator of a Lie group on the solution of a 2-ODE system drawn in the 3D space (t,y1,y2): t is time and y1,y2 are the two dependent variables....
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What is the potential usage of ReplaceAllUnheld in Developer Utilities Package?

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Using two rules for the same variable

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