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Possible Duplicate: Select/Delete with Sublist elements? I need help in filtering long lists of x,y coordinates.Lets use the following list as an example: <...
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Picking certain pairs according to a condition [duplicate]

I'm a Mathematica beginner and can't find out a solution to my problem. I have a list of pairs of numbers, for example something like this, but much longer: list={{2., 3.}, {3., 2.}, {5., 4.}, {4., 0.}...
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Using Select on list of vectors [duplicate]

I have a dataset, where each element in the list is a vector as in data = Table[{i, 2 i, 3 i}, {i, 1, 10}] As an example, I am interested in the entries where ...
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Choosing data from list and plot [duplicate]

I have a data set like below: Angle={5.48575, -0.669213, 45.9832, 8.63878, -16.8777, 50.022, -41.8882, -45.956, 28.3005, 35.8234} Now want to select the ...
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Delete data were y = "NS" in a list with elements {x, y} [duplicate]

I have a list of data {x, y}and not all of them have actual values. They show as {x, "NS"} or ...
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How to cut elements from set of data based on function restrictions? [duplicate]

For example, say I have a set of data which takes the form list = {{1,2,4,5,3,2},{2,3,4,2,1,6},{2,3,4,5,4,3}} where all of the elements have a length of 6. ...
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Efficiently collecting results inside a compiled function

When we don't know the number of results that will be generated, the usual way to collect results is Reap/Sow. Another ...
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Removing elements of a table

I want removing elements of a table. For example, I have the next table: data = {{0, 3}, {1, 3}, {2, 5}, {4, 2}, {5, 1}, {6, 8}, {7, 4}}; and I want removing all ...
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Select record when third column matches certain criterion

I've a table with 3 columns. The table looks like this: ...
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Modifying a function so that it will take multiple conditions [closed]

How can I modify my function so that it will take a list of ordered pairs, and return just the pairs whose first value is greater than or equal to a given minimum and less than or equal to a given ...
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