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Benefits of using Intellij IDEA as Mathematica IDE? [duplicate]

I use Intellij IDEA for Java programming, but have not really considered it for Mathematica. I saw a video with a Wolfram programmer who was describing it as "essential" for him, but from what I could ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

I consider myself a pretty good Mathematica programmer, but I'm always looking out for ways to either improve my way of doing things in Mathematica, or to see if there's something nifty that I haven't ...
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What are the recommended settings for git when using with Mathematica projects?

Background I'm relatively new to git — currently overseeing an offshore .NET-based development project on GitHub within a private business account, but little experience beyond that. I'd like to set ...
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Wolfram Workbench - Mathematica Development Alternatives

Are there any alternatives (IDE or other workflow) to Wolfram Workbench for development and debugging? Elaboration: An open source alternative.
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Is it possible to improve Mathematica's auto-completion feature?

In this answer Brett Champion describes how one can intercept and modify the suggestions used for auto-completion. Question: Is it possible to modify the suggestion for the automatic auto-completion ...
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Highlighting Mathematica code in $\LaTeX$ document

I was thinking about the best way to include Mathematica code in a $\LaTeX$ document with a nice syntax highlighting. I have tried the packages listings and minted (with pygments), which both claim ...
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Programming Mathematica in plaintext, i.e. no formatting, non-notebook

I'm new to Mathematica and I've just begun reading Paul Wellin's Programming in Mathematica. The book, like many other books and online tutorials, revolves around using the notebook, with all its ...
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How to display line numbers in the Mathematica?

Is there such a thing in Mathematica; something like line numbers in Notepad++? Thanks.
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List of development tools for the Wolfram Language and Mathematica

What free and commercial tools for Wolfram Language development do you know? A while back I did a review of free tools for developing in the Wolfram Language (you can read my review with the help of a ...
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View the FullForm of ^^

Why am I unable to see the FullForm of ^^ (the shorthand notation for BaseForm)? ...
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Workflow in the Mathematica and Workbench IDE

After visiting one of the Wolfram presentations, I started writing code for my number theory research project in Mathematica because I found it to be faster than Sage. I downloaded Workbench and ...
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Making a Mathematica package manager?

I'd like to get a serious discussion started about a package manager. This has come up elsewhere, and many people have implemented their own solutions. It would be nice to have a standardized way to ...
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Split screen view in notebook interface?

Is there a way to get a split screen in the notebook interface? I want a movable horizontal bar in a window with two views into the same notebook, each of which is independently scrollable. An ...
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how to efficiently jump between sections in a notebook?

I have functions defined in some section of the notebook and some cells where I use these functions maaaaany pages below in the same notebook. If I want to go and change the definition of the function ...
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Extract what symbol is set by SetDelayed, Set, TagSet, UpSet, SetAttributes, etc

One of the recent features of the Mathematica Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA ( is a Structure View which let's you see information about several definitions that are done ...
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