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Dynamic Euler–Bernoulli beam equation

I am trying to solve for the vibration of a Euler–Bernoulli beam. The equation is $\frac{\partial ^2u(t,x)}{\partial t^2}+\frac{\partial ^4u(t,x)}{\partial x^4}=0$ For the boundary conditions I ...
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1D Euler equations (fluid dynamics) with NDSolve

Is it possible to accurately solve the 1D Euler equations in Mathematica using NDSolve? For example, let us consider the Sod shock tube problem. Introduction to ...
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Solving Burger's equation with NDSolve at large time

I want to solve the following Burger's equation $$\partial_tu+\partial_x\left(\frac{u^2}{2}\right)=0,~~x\in[0,2\pi],~t>0\\u(x,0)=\frac{1}{3}+\frac{2}{3}\sin(x)$$ with mathematica. Here's my code: <...
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Why does NonlinearStateSpaceModel linearise?

The documentation for NonlinearStateSpaceModel says: In NonlinearStateSpaceModel[eqns, ...] the Taylor linearization is with ...
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how to fix this PDE numerical solution (NDSolve)

I have the following code: ...
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Can NDSolve address spherical gravitational collapse?

As far as I know spherical gravitational collapse -of central importance to theoretical physics- is thought to be out of the scope of Wolfram Mathematica. However there are cases, as in this article,...
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Solving 3 nonlinear, transient, coupled PDEs [closed]

I'm trying to solve the fluid equations, continuity equations for mass, momentum, and energy, for a transient shockwave in 1D planar geometry. A piston is traveling at some velocity $u_p$ where $u_P$ $...
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NDSolve Warning: an insufficient number of boundary conditions. However, all boundary conditions are defined

I am trying to solve the system of equations (momentum conservation, heat, and polymerization equations) in the Couette problem. There are two planes, the bottom is fixed, the top is moving with the ...
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Problem with definition of boundary problem

My procedure for solving coupled 1 + 1 (spatial + temporal) PDE system: (Note: I have graphs of the correct solution with which I compare my result. See figure below text.) 1) I determine the ...
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Need a method to solve a nonlinear PDE with gradients of the same order as the PDE's

I have a system of first order non-linear PDE's, but some of my boundary conditions are also of first order, so mathematica cannot solve it. When I looked online for similar problems , I found some ...
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