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How to create expanding summary boxes like the ones displayed for InterpolatingFunction, NearestFunction, etc.?

The display forms for objects like ClassifierFunction are nice clickable summary boxes I like this, and now I'm trying to create my a custom version of this for my ...
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Getting the interpolation function from a list plot

I have conducted a chemistry experiment and obtained a list of concentrations of a reactant against time. I plot a graph of this using Mathematica's ListPlot ...
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2D smoothing spline interpolation

Does Mathematica have 2D smoothing spline interpolation built in? I requires an interpolation method with smooth first derivatives and cubic bivariate splines fulfill this nicely. In python I would ...
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Fit a function to data so that fit is always equal or less than the data

I have a set of measurement data and I try to fit there a function (a Exp[b x] + c Exp[d x] - o). I have two problems: The fit function does not converge nor after ...
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Inflection point coordinates of peaks in data

Using the following data, which I have used before in other posts (the y-axis is heat flow (mW) and x-axis is Temperature in °C (not time)): ...
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Best parameter for smoothing splines

I am trying to implement a module to determine the best value for the smoothing parameter of a smoothing spline interpolation of a given dataset. To calculate the cross-validation score of a given ...
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Interpolating noisy data

My data looks like this: Or if displayed in log chart: I want to create an interpolation of the data that would remove most of the noise. What are some good ways to ...
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Produce a spline from a set of {{x, y}, z} points and get its parameters/expression

I have produced a set of points in a variable of the type {{x1, y1}, z1},{{x2, y2}, z2}, ,... }, where {x, y} should be the ...
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How do I make those nice summary boxes like Dispatch and SparseArray do? [duplicate]

Dispatch and SparseArray have nice output forms that summarise their contents: The contents even manage to be retained fully on ...
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Interpolation not working

This is probably a very silly question but I am trying to use Interpolation for the following data: ...
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Find interpolation with derivatives at some points

I am trying to find out how to find a good interpolation of a periodic function I have from some data points. The only problem is that I need to make sure that derivatives at the starting and ending ...
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Improving speed performance of 'Fit' with BSplines?

Context In the context of this (vaguely controversial) question, I am stumbling into a performance issue with Fit. Let me illustrate on fitting a set of ...
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