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problem using package to verify solution of ode with Association, Naming scope/context handling [duplicate]

I learning how to use packages. I found a big problem. Here is description of the problem is, then a MWE is given. This small package takes in an ode and ...
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How to inject segments of code into functions defined by SetDelayed [duplicate]

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Function generating a rule with a Patterns: e.g. toRule[ lhs, rhs] into lhs[x_] -> rhs [duplicate]

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Why does With return a temporary symbol? [duplicate]

Why does With[{x0 = 1, y0 = 2}, f[x_] = a + b x /. First[ Solve[{y0 == a + b x0, b == 0.1}, {a, b}]]] evaluate to ...
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How to use Evaluate inside function definitions? [duplicate]

How to use Evaluate inside function definition so that is acts as Evaluate only whet function is called? This is toy exampl, where I want to define function inside another function: ...
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Immediate Function Definition inside a Module [duplicate]

In mathematica, it is possible to perform immediate definition of a function where the dependent variable is not explicitly mentioned on the RHS. For example: ...
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Does passing patterns between packages alter their name unbeknownst to the user? [duplicate]

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Patterns in module [duplicate]

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Set keeps RHS unevaluated when RHS is a Module variable [duplicate]

Consider the simple code ...
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Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

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Nested definition: How can I define a function with a passed-in expression?

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How to find the name of the current function?

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