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Opposite of StringSplit

What is an appropriate command that does the opposite of the following? StringSplit["a b c d e f g"," "]
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StringReplace adds "~~" to words with Tooltip

I'm adding tooltip to certain words in a text. I guess since words with tooltips are not considered as strings, it gives the ~~ operators before and after the word ...
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How to name a variable with the value of another variable?

A simple but very important (at least for me) question. In some languages for defining a variable, for example, we can do: i=10 "d"&i=30 So I have defined the variable d10, and... d10=30 ...
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Getting a String from a list of strings

Is there a way to write down Mathematica with a string such as: {"M","a","t","h","e","m","a","t","i","c","a"}?
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Understanding Function and Variable in Mathematica for beginner [closed]

I'm reading the book of Leonid Shifrin, and I love the way the book explains the core in Mathematica. As everything is an expression, now I understand that, there ...
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How to use a variable within StringJoin

I would like Mathematica to symbolically line up partial derivative symbol with a value stored in variable. I wrote this simple code below ...
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Iteration variable in variable [duplicate]

Is it possible to create following list by some sort of iteration? {a1,a2,a3,...,a100} I cannot think of any way to append a to ...
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How to switch from array to string?

Considering we have an array: a = {2/3, 4/5, 9/7, 3/7, 1/7, 1/9}; How can I get this to be: "2/3 4/5 9/7 3/7 1/7 1/9" ...
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Generating plot legends [duplicate]

I want to generate a list as below for the legend of my plot, {D=0, D=0.5, D=1, ...} using the code ...
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How to Convert a Number to String for Export a Table

I am generating a table with 4 columns, wheras only the columns 3 and 4 have the same length. ...
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How to joint symbolic expressions together [duplicate]

I want to joint symbolic expressions together to create a another symbolic expressions. one way to do that is as follows: ...
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How to generate a training set in an automatic way?

This question is related to [my previous item][1] where arithmetic with machine learning was considered. The results of the Predict command were not good because of ...
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Some challenge for a Table mixing between output number Variables and ToString symbols [duplicate]

How can I output a series of data, ranging from s00, s01, s02, s10, s11, s12, s20, s21, s22; by writing a table with s is a fixed, and m and n are running parameters, for example: ...
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Is it possible in mathematica to use dynamic names of variables [duplicate]

I have variables in my code following the following notation : theta12, theta13, theta14 etc.. I would check the values of all this variable so I could write an if condition for each theta but I ...
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